Lifting Eye Positioning

Question: I need to use the lifting eyes to put the boat on the trailer, but it is not clear to me which are the lifting eyes position! Should I use the eyes positioned on the floats? Or there are 2 "eyes" positioned on the hull where the front arms move? in this case do I use the stern cleat as rear lifting eyes?

Thanks for your help!

Name: Antoine
Boat_Type: F24 MkII

Answer: Hi Antoine, Thank you for your question about use of lifting eyes! Always use your Corsair Marine Sailing Manual for the best instructions! Here's a brief description on how to lift the Corsair F-24 or Dash 750:

  • Attach to the lifting eyes that are located on fwd deck near the fwd beam wells port and starboard. (see manual)
  • You then attach a sling to the  Traveler track to lift the stern of boat , (image below)
  • Note: Do not use the cleats on the side.

Thank you so much for submitting your question Antoine! We hope you are enjoying your Corsair Trimaran!

- Corsair Marine Expert


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Comments for Lifting Eye Positioning

Name: antoine
Time: Wednesday, February 12, 2014

thanks for your indications. But i do not find your 3 points in the sailing manual, even in the one I did download today.
Are the lifting Eyes on the deck, what is described as N.11 U-bolt
Backing plate on page 66 of the sailing manual?

Thanks again

Name: Zam Bevan - Corsair Marine Expert
Time: Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Go to deck layout for the 24 MKII (page 66). No.11 are the U-bolts used to lift. They are the same U bolts used on all models for lifting in the same position. The drawing in the answer above for the stern will show how to strap the traveler.

Hope that helps! Thanks, Antoine!

Name: antoine
Time: Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thanks Zam,
it helps, I have been pulling out the boat with the slings aroun the boat, but every time there is a small problem that it tips on on side or the other, which is a bore when you get to put it on the trailer. As I allways does it alone. And so with the sraps it should be more stable I will give it a try.

I am playing in the Thyrenian see! Thanks

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