Northwest Passage - on a Corsair F-31 trimaran

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Borge Ousland and Thorleif Thorleifson from Norway in a Corsair 31ft Trimaran, doing the Northeast Passage first, West to East, then the Northwest Passage.

It's summer again in the cold Arctic and the expected group of sailing adventurers are off to see if they can transit the once dreaded Northwest Passage. 

No-one knows in advance just what sort of ice-free summer it will be, but in 2009, the brave yachts that tried it found much more ice than in 2008, when it was relatively ice free by mid-summer. 

Here are the ones we know about, and will be reporting on as they sail: 

East to West: 
From east to west there are five yachts: 

• Ariel IV, a 50 ft steel maxi sloop, from Sweden, sailed by Eric and Bridget Boye 

• Young Larry, a 44ft steel yacht, sailed by Andrew Wilkes from UK as skipper. 

• Issuma is a 50ft steel staysail schooner with lifting keel, skippered by : Richard Hudson 

• There are two smaller yachts, both at 31ft. 

First is Showa, not only a small yacht but constructed of fibreglass, something previous sailors who have transited the Passage have recommended against. 

It is sailed by Peter Harrison from the USA and Don Barr from Canada.

Then also at 31ft there is Captain Lemuel R Brigman III (Cap'm Lem) which is a Corsair 31ft trimaran, sailed by Captain Tommy D. Cook, solo. Captain Tommy set out from Happy Valley Goose Bay last year, but didn't make it to the Passage in time, so is back for another try this year.   Continue Reading >>

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