It's time to prepare for next year’s sailing season.

Now that the sailing season is winding down or has wound down for most of us its time to think about boat maintenance. Help preserve your Corsair trimaran's gel coat by giving it a thorough waxing and buffing. This protects the gel coat from further deterioration (oxidization) and will pay dividends when eventually (perish the thought) its time to sell your boat. Also take the time to “winterize” your Corsair trimaran's motor--which at the very least means flushing out any residual salt water from the cooling system and changing the engine and crankcase oil. Going a step further, if you aren’t going to be using your boat for several months its highly recommended to drain the fuel out of all the fuel hoses (including the internal hoses). Collect it and what’s left in your gas tank to use in your car or lawn mower. You should of course be using only ethanol free gas in your outboard motor.

After you’ve completed this basic annual maintenance consider brushing up on your multihull sailing skills over the winter. Windcraft offers basic and performance oriented sailing training and coaching at its base near Fort Walton Beach in the Panhandle of Florida where we sail year round. Basic sail coaching is offered by Don Wigston on a Sprint 750 or by Linda Wright on a Corsair 28CC. For more advanced high performance or race coaching Randy Smyth, a first class world renowned multihull sailor and two time Olympic medallist, is available to coach your and your crew for a surprisingly reasonable fee.

And while you are here you are welcome to go for a demo sail on any of the new Corsairs we have in stock: currently a Corsair Dash 750 Mk II and a Corsair Sprint 750 Mk II. There is no charge for demo sails. The photo below shows our 2014 Corsair Sprint Mk II, waiting to take you for a sail in the beautiful waters of the Emerald Coast.


We also have several used Corsair trimarans for sale so you can check these out while you are here. Follow this link for more details on our inventory of used Corsairs.

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Name: David Lannik
Time: Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I'm looking to replace the aft mast support rollers on my f31. It is hull #041 and the aft mast support was "converted" to support rotating 42' mast instead of the fixed 40' mast the boat came with. It is the A-frame support that has sockets in the seats. I have tried to replace the rollers without success with generic trailer type rollers.

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