Passing Lane to Ensenada: Sailing a Corsair 36 Trimaran

We are expecting our first freeze here in Texas this week so winter is bearing down on us.  After driving home from the Wurstfest Regatta on Canyon Lake, we were talking about what we want to accomplish next sailing season and the conversation led to some of the great Corsair trimaran sailing that we had experienced in the last decade.  Of course that led Greg Smith to get out his ipad and start finding some digital video of those memorable times.

This quick video shows what it looks like to be reaching toward Ensenada on a perfect Pacific afternoon.  You hear people talk about building memories, well this is certainly one of our best.  All afternoon the Corsair 36 was screacher reaching past much larger boats.  As you can see from the video, our crew on the Corsair was enjoying a comfortable ride.

Corsair Marine has a complete line-up of trimarans from 24-37 feet.  There is one that suits your family and finances.  As new models are introduced current owners often move up or down in size in the product line, so there are also used Corsairs available for sale.  Contact Richard Clary at La Vida Starships If you are interested in a preowned Corsair Trimaran

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