3 Great Pre-Owned Corsair Trimaran Listings

The hardest thing about buying a used fiberglass sailboat is keeping your head straight. With a new boat you (in theory, at least) get what you pay for, but entering the used boat market can be a bit like going through Alice’s looking glass. Is a shiny new 35-foot performance cruiser beyond your pay grade? Not to worry, there’s a fantastic looking used 36-footer with lots of gear for sale on Craigslist for less than the price of a car. Of course, the reality is rarely that simple. Systems and mechanical fasteners have a way of breaking down over the years, and even fiberglass has its limitations.

A good way to keep your priorities straight is to think about the boat’s future resale value. Someday you’ll probably want to sell the same boat you are looking to buy. If that boat is a piece of junk, it will not only be less fun to sail, it could become an unsaleable albatross.

It’s also important to bring in professional help, in the form of a reputable marine surveyor and, possibly, a buyer’s broker. Many of the “bargains” out there are not bargains at all once you factor in the costs of getting them sailing and keeping them in good shape. Identifying and accurately factoring in these costs before you start writing checks will increase the chance that you and your boat will have a safe, happy life together.


2006 Corsair 24 MKII #420

Corsair 24 MKII

This Corsair 24 MKII is a remarkable boat at a great price. A fresh water boat, you won't find a C24 newer than this rare example! It's an easily trailerable sport boat with a shallow draft. 

This boat is ready to go, two new tires on the trailer, topsides are buffed, and new bottom paint too! 
Located in Denver, Colorado.



2012 Corsair 750 MKII

Corsair 750 MKII

This Corsair 750 MKII is in excellent condition. 214 North Sails jib, Black Aramid / 2014 Doyle mainsail, Flex 15 / Original North Main Sail / Furling Screecher / Small  ASM spinnaker (20%) smaller with ATN sock / 2015 Full size Asymmetrical Spinnaker / Harkin windward sheeting car and more! 

This boat has been very well maintained and is very fast!
Located in San Francisco, California


1993 Corsair F27

Corsair F-27
This Corsair F-27  is an easily trailerable sport boat because of its light weight and low profile on the trailer. The Corsair F-27 has a roomy, functional interior with all the necessary amenities for comfortable overnight cruising.

This boat need some love...
Located in San Francisco, California


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