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The Pulse 600 community just keeps growing. Between dealers excited to make the Pulse 600 available to their customers, and skippers excited to get the boats on the water, Corsair is filling orders around the globe. 

To make sure that anyone interested in the Pulse 600 has a local touchpoint, we’re creating Pulse Performance Centers. These select dealerships serve as a hub for all things Pulse 600. Whether you’re interested in casual daysailing or regional racing, full or shared ownership, your Pulse Performance Center will be the best way to connect with your local fleet, get to know the Pulse 600, and be part of a community of like-minded owners and enthusiasts. 

A local fleet, of course, is nothing without its dealer. Each of our Pulse Performance Centers is run by an incredibly dedicated, knowledgeable dealer who’s there to help. Use these resources to meet people, learn about the boats, go for a demo sail, explore ownership options and more. They are your local experts and are committed to keeping your costs low and your fun factor high. 

West, Midwest // Richard Allen // 180marine.com
Pulse 600 Fleet Conquistador


Contact your local Pulse Performance Center here:


Cape Cod, MA >>
Denver, CO >>

Pensacola, FL >>
San Diego, CA >>
San Francisco, CA >>
Seattle, WA >>

Stuart, FL >>
Houston, TX >>


United Kingdom >>
Southern Germany >>
Northern Germany >>

Sydney and Perth >>


UPDATED Pulse Deliveries May 4, 2016
Here’s the current status of each of our Pulse Performance Centers. These orders represent both dealers and owners, with the opportunity to demo and purchase at each location. Check here for the latest status on a Pulse arriving near you.


Cape Cod, MA // Dealer: Bob Gleason
1 boat delivered 2015, 4 boats arrived March 2016

Stuart, FL // Dealer: Steve Marsh
5 boats delivered in December 2015 ready to start some fun One Design racing down south...

Pensacola, FL // Dealer: Don Wigston
2 boats delivered January 2016
1 boat delivered March 2016

Denver, CO // Dealer: Richard Allen
1 boat delivered June 12,  2016

Kemah, TX  // Dealer: Jonathon Davis
3 boats delivered January 2016

San Francisco, CA // Pulse Dealer: Richard Allen
2 boats delivered May 2016
2 boats arriving end of July 2016 

Honolulu, Hawaii 
1 boat delivered January 2016


Phuket, Thailand // Dealer: Andrew De Bruin
5 boats delivered to Thailand in 2015, 1 boat delivered to Lankawi.


Sydney, Perth, Australia // Dealer: Brent Vaughan
4 boats already delivered in 2015


Southern Germany // Dealer: Werner Stolz
1 boat delivered to kick off the 2016 summer season

Austria // Dealer: Werner Stolz
1 boat delivered

Northern Germany // Dealer: Christoph Wentland
1 boat delivered to kick off the 2016 summer season

Sweden // Dealer: Jan Ljungberg
1 boat delivered

France // Dealer: Jousselin
1 boat delivered

United Kingdom // Dealer: Mark Jarvis
1 boat delivered 2015 and 4 boats scheduled to arrive in January 2016


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Comments for Pulse Performance Centers are growing!

Name: scott galloway
Time: Tuesday, January 27, 2015

send me info and quote for 600 boat

Name: dan
Time: Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I'd fall into the class of potential buyer who would be using their Pulse 600 for day sailing and solo and family adventures on the water. A fast fun boat, that is less intimidating and dryer then a big beach cat for family outings, but more fun then a similarly priced monohull (i hope). my question is what about sea trials? It seems like its going straight from the computer to the molds to a boat show and for sale, is there built in time to tweak and re-design based on actual sailing, or should we wait for yr 2. or 3. of production for that?

Name: Shane Grover
Time: Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hi Dan,
Good question, and the answer is yes. We have allowed a buffer between the first boat which will be a factory owned boat and all following orders. We will have this first boat on the water in the coming weeks and are going to sail it all day everyday with the intentions of trying to break it! If there is anything at all that we are not satisfied with, changes will be made before boats 2, 3 and 4 leave the factory. We simply must do this to meet our one design program, so I would not expect boats built 2-3 years from now to be any different to those heading your way in the upcoming months.

Name: Arnold Taranto
Time: Thursday, April 16, 2015

Are there any Corsair 600s sailing on Barnegat Bay, NJ? May want to sell my TGull 25 and move up to a Corsair.

Name: PLESSIER Arnaud
Time: Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Good morning,
Have you already a retailer in France for the Pulse 600, if not are you looking for one ?
Arnaud, from Nantes in France, (catamaran Tornado owner)

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