Experience a Pulse on the Bay!

Pulse 600

SAUSALITO — This new 20-foot model has the same well-engineered structure for folding the amas as the original Corsair, as well as a gin pole and tackle to raise the mast. The boat is also stable enough to be left afloat folded up, which many owners do in between sailing sessions to make getting underway that much easier.
Then there's the boat's performance. In moderate winds, the Pulse 600 is slippery and a joy to knock around in. In strong winds, the boat will be a veritable adrenaline generator, with speed to burn. Both a standard jib and an asymmetric chute are rigged on roller furlers.
Aft, there's a genuine cockpit, so you don't have to sprawl out on the trampolines (unless you want to). There's also a little cuddy where you can toss your cooler and other miscellaneous gear, or perhaps let one of the kids take a nap if they happen to run out of gas during a long day on the water.
The amas have full sections to prevent burying the bows when the boat is driven hard in a strong wind. While this may reduce the ultimate speed a bit from that of a pure racing design, day sailing crews will appreciate the reduction in drama.
The Pulse 600's combination of performance, handling, simplicity and trailerability appeal to those who want fast, fun sailing without a lot of effort.

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180 Marine is currently sailing the Pulse out of Sausalito, California, and Denver, Colorado. Both locations have boats for sale. We have a limited amount of time available for demo sails on this fantastic boat, so reach out soon! 

For more information contact Richard Allen / info@180marine.com 

Pulse 600
Pulse 600

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