Tahiti Pearl Regatta Summary

The Tahiti Pearl Regatta (TPR) is the sailing rendezvous in French Polynesia, with the 14th edition just completed the 24 to 27th May.  Taking place in the leeward isles, it’s a fantastic way to explore, sail and have fun in an extremely beautiful environment. CORSAIR MARINE was one of the official sponsors of this event showing their commitment to developing the Corsair Fleet worldwide. Present in the TPR Race Village Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th, the CORSAIR MARINE s booth was well located... Read More »
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A circumnavigation of Santa Rosa Island in the Florida Panhandle

Day One had us all starting at the Fort Walton Yacht Club in Chocktawhatchee Bay, sailing in rain out the Destin Pass into the Gulf of Mexico and then west in the emerald waters of the Gulf in a building breeze to the Pensacola Pass. Once through the Pass and across the finish line we were treated to a catered barbecue dinner and music. Most sailors spent the night at the camp ground at Fort Pickens (the infamous site of Geronomo’s imprisonment) with the luxury of having everybody’s camping gear... Read More »
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Experience a Pulse on the Bay!

SAUSALITO — This new 20-foot model has the same well-engineered structure for folding the amas as the original Corsair, as well as a gin pole and tackle to raise the mast. The boat is also stable enough to be left afloat folded up, which many owners do in between sailing sessions to make getting underway that much easier.   Then there's the boat's performance. In moderate winds, the Pulse 600 is slippery and a joy to knock around in. In strong winds, the boat will be a veritable adrenaline... Read More »
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Pulse Performance Centers are growing!

          The Pulse 600 community just keeps growing. Between dealers excited to make the Pulse 600 available to their customers, and skippers excited to get the boats on the water, Corsair is filling orders around the globe.  To make sure that anyone interested in the Pulse 600 has a local touchpoint, we’re creating Pulse Performance Centers. These select dealerships serve as a hub for all things Pulse 600. Whether you’re interested in casual daysailing or regional racing, full or... Read More »
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Three Pulse 600's Arrive Memorial Weekend!

Come on out Memorial Weekend to see 3 Pulse 600's. Designed by Francois Perus of Perus Yacht Design, the Pulse 600 is designed as a simple, safe, and exciting one design day-sport boat, made to easily store, and trailer after sailing. Richard Allen is the Western US Dealer for the Pulse 600, and can help you with any of the following: • Racing Class Rules for the Pulse 600 • Demo sail the Pulse 600  • Purchase of a Pulse 600 Richard Allen will be on and off the water with the Pulse 600, so to... Read More »
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Welcome - New Corsair Dealer in Colorado!

180 Marine specializes in multihull sailboats, Corsair trimarans, specifically. We’re excited about the all-new Corsair Pulse 600, a high-performance multihull that’s establishing new rules — with no regard for compromise, oh yeah...   The new Pulse will be arriving in San Francisco early May 2016! If you're interested in seeing the Pulse first hand in San Francisco, contact Richard Allen. If you want to see the Pulse in action we have some great video footage shot in Brittany, France, and you... Read More »
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Kings Cup Regatta's Pulse 600 One Design Class: Day One News

  Starting off their second one design regatta for the year, the 5 Corsair Pulse 600 trimarans', making up the new one-design Performance Class, have already made an impression on day one of the 2015 Kings Cup Regatta in Phuket, Thailand. The fleet raced a mighty 24 mile race yesterday, slightly longer than expected but all finished with flying colors. Day one racing saw Scott Galle's Sudu 4 get the better of the Phuket Race Week Champions, Andrew de Bruin and Corsair production manager, Zam... Read More »
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Pulse Class Developement: WEBINAR

WEBINAR | PULSE 600 CLASS DEVELOPMENT Tuesday, November 17, 2015 5 PM  PST / 8 PM  EST Please join us for the first Webinar Class Development Series on the new Pulse 600, hosted by, Shane Grover-Corsair Sales Manager, Richard Allen -180 Marine and Bob Gleason-The Multihull Source.  We will discuss new design developments, one design rule implementation and purchasing options.  You won't want to miss this! Registration is essential as space is limited: REGISTER HERE>>   Read More »
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SAIL BEST BOAT 2016 WINNER - Pulse 600!

  Congratulations to our new Pulse 600 owners! Here's a review from SAIL. It was heartening to see a whole crop of new daysailers at this year's fall shows, including boats with one, two or three hulls. But in the end the judges decided the real standout in the group was the Corsair Pulse 600. The Pulse 600 is a 20ft folding trimaran from the company that pioneered the genre. This new model has the same well-engineered structure for folding the amas as the original Corsair, as well as a gin pole... Read More »
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Ronstan Pulse 600 takes on Sydney Harbour

  After a number of test sails where the man upstairs let us down with only 8-12 kts of wind, it was fantastic to finally get a sail on the pulse out in some decent wind and a bit of sea state to see how she really performed. We had the boat in 15-20 kts in and around Sydney Harbour and were able to push the boat well into the chop and even out to the heads. The reverse bows were effective in punching out through the waves however the extra volume in those large floats in the forward area is... Read More »
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Pulse 600 Charters - Now Available

Four Pulse 600's are available for charter in this Decembers Kings Cup regatta in Thailand. The four boats available will join a fleet of 5 forming an official One Design event for the newly established class. If you have been following the development of the Pulse 600 this last 12 months but have not yet seen one in the flesh this is a perfect opportunity to try before you buy and what a great excuse to escape the approaching winter months. For more info on the regatta>> For info on pricing... Read More »
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Pulse 600 One Design fleet compete at Kings Cup

Thailand's  Pulse 600 fleet have already impressed locals earlier in the year following their introduction in the Phuket Race Week and  Multihull Solutions Regatta, and it is expected they will also be quickly snapped up for charter in the King’s Cup Regatta from 5-12 December. Multihull Solutions, the Thailand distributor for Corsair Marine will be receiving their first Pulse 600 this week. This will become the fifth Pulse in the Thai fleet, just in time for Kings Cup. The Phuket King’s Cup... Read More »
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Corsair Marine Increases Trimaran Production Capacity

  With increasing demand for the new Pulse 600 one design trimaran and continued production of larger Corsair models the factory have now increased capacity to keep up with growing Pulse 600 orders. The factory are now producing two Pulse 600's per week giving Corsair the ability to ship a 4 boat container every fortnight! Incorporating production techniques used buy automotive giants such as Toyota and Nissan, Corsair management have been able to streamline the Pulse production process and... Read More »
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Windcraft Trimaran Sailing Clinic with Randy Smyth

  Corsair Dealer Windcraft organized and hosted another successful Trimaran Sailing Clinic October 2-4 2015 at the Fort Walton Yacht Club in the Florida Panhandle. At the hands of world class multihull sailor and coach Randy Smyth and his assistant coaches twelve sailors from various parts of the USA saw their sailing skills and knowledge dramatically improve over the two days of this clinic. Participants of all skill levels from novice to experienced were introduced to Randy’s simple but highly... Read More »
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Pulse 600 Nominee for 2016 European Yacht Of The Year Award

The Pulse 600, Corsair Marine's newest innovation has just been announced as a nominee for the highly regarded 2016 European Yacht Of The Year award. This will be the second year running that Corsair Marine has had a new trimaran nominated for this prestigious award. This title will recognize seaworthy qualities, sailboat design and construction and is decided by a jury comprised of professionals from some of the top European marine magazines.  The award will be presented at a special evening... Read More »
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The Pulse 600 arrives at the Phuket Regatta!

The Pulse 600 arrives at the Phuket Regatta! Kicking off today many boats have arrived and are getting set-up for four days of fun on and off the water. Check out the Corsair Pulse 600 fleet getting rigged up and ready to race. Back at the Corsair factory, production is now in full swing with multiple boats coming down the production line. As quickly as these boats are rigged, we have dispatches heading out to Europe, the United States and Thailand in May, June, and July. These are just some of... Read More »
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Stuart, FL & Cape Cod, MA Pulse Performance Centers Announced

  Stuart, Florida and Cape Cod, Massachusetts Pulse Performance Centers Pulse Performance Centers are popping up all over the world! Corsair Dealer Steve Marsh, our Corsair Dealer for the Southeastern United States, along with Corsair Dealer Bob Gleason, our Corsair Dealer for the Northeastern United States, are pleased to announce their locations for their Pulse Performance Centers - in Stuart, FL and Cape Cod, MA. About Pulse Performance Centers A Pulse Performance Center means that Corsair... Read More »
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