Race to Alaska is on! No motors and no support.




The perfect starting point:  A town that loves boats and crazy people

Port Townsend is known for its Victorian buildings, maritime trades, and the largest Wooden Boat Festival in North America. It’s the jump-off for boats heading to Alaska or making the big left turn down the coast. We’re a maritime village that cruise ship companies haven’t screwed up yet, and as a result, attract a talented set. The bookends of our citizenry: the hearty handshake of adventurer Jim Whittaker, first American to summit Everest, and the rapier wit of Luke Burbank, who pierces national public radio airwaves on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Livewire, and others.

Bold spirit in proximity of folks not scared of a joke; 9 months later R2AK was born. …and they can throw a party.



F31R - Team Name - Ain't Brain Surgery  / Vessel Name - MA'S Rover


F27 - Team Name - Alula  / Vessel Name - Alula

F31R - Team Name - Big Broderna / Vessel Name - Big Broderna

F27 - Team Name - Fly / Vessel Name - Fly

F24 - Team Name - Lost Boys / Vessel Name - Tiger Lily

F27 - Team Name - Sistership / Vessel Name - Sistership


ON A SIDE NOTE... Tritium , favored boat breaks prior to race - Taniwha  replaces her.


After watching this amazing show of dedication and grit, maybe this is the race for you! Corsairs' will without a doubt deliver the confidence and support you'll need to take on an adventure like this. 

Contact Richard Allen with 180 Marine to help you with your Corsair decision making.





JUNE 27, Stage 2: Three are Through, Steak Knives in Play

Walking on the moon, the running of the bulls, stampeding bison: There are occurrences with such epic power and momentum that if we lived in a just world where truth and beauty were fully actualized, whenever these moments of awesome occurred Flight of the Valkyries would just start playing, from somewhere, from everywhere. We watched MAD Dog Racing’s Wagnerian charge up Seymour Narrows, square headed black sail angling between “wow” and “Are they ok?!?” as the windward hull rose and fell in the puffs, each time the crew deftly scrambled to whatever rack was uphill in order to keep the wet side down and maintain their upwind charge through the first gates of the R2AK. A small crowd gathered on the beach of Campbell River to watch them charge past, avoid the tug and barge and the pod of humpbacks all in the same narrow passage. Mouths on shore seemed to silently sing the same words: “Kill the Wabbit, Kill the Wabbit…” and then trailed off into a hum. Whales, the tidal rapids of Seymour Narrows, and three white-knuckled guys in dry suits, dog-tired and elated sailing like hell—this is what epic looks like.


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