Read all about the 2014 Corsair National Championship and Rendezvous!

Bay Week has the largest fresh-water regattas in the US, with boats hailing from all over the Great Lakes and Canada.  And this year, the 2014 Corsair National Championships and Rendezvous was part of this Annual Event!

We had a great turn out.  According to Volunteer, Kathy Clark, we had trimarans hailing from 9 different states and 5 more trimarans sailing in from Canada!  Observers onshore remarked that they had never seen so many Corsair Trimarans in one place before.  To use Kathy's words,  "Awesome!!!"

Photo by Deb Schaefer, It's a Snug Fit at A Dock

Port Clinton Yacht Club - Welcoming Party and Race One

Wednesday Night, July 30th:

First, the Sailors checked in at Registration where they picked up their Goody Bags jammed with Corsair Polo Shirts, Red Hats and other neat swag sponsored by Corsair Marine, North Sails, DIAB, Midway Metals, West Marine, Forespar, Harken & Tea Tree Power. Thank You Noelle Iles!  I-LYA Commodore Steve Harris added his own Swag Bag...more red hats!

Then, Port Clinton Yacht Club welcomed all the participants to their facility for their most unusual Commodore's Wine & Cigar Deck Party.....Yes, Cigars! 

PRO Matt Bounds introduced himself at the Competitors Meeting and shared with us his plans for the first day of racing. The I-LYA Bridge came in their dress whites to extend a special greeting to all the competitors!  PCYC Commodore Mike Hablitzel also welcomed the sailors to this prestigious event.

Thursday, July 31st:  The Warning Gun for Race One to Put-in-Bay, South Bass Island was fired precisely at 9:55 hours.  PRO Matt Bounds organized the diverse array of trimarans into three fleets. One for trimarans less than 27 feet, another for those longer than 27, with the F-27's in their own start.  The Corsair F-27 fleet had the best turnout this year, qualifying as a One-Design fleet with nine entries.

The Course: After a short 1 mile upwind leg, the fleet had a 12 mile chute run,  leaving Starve Island Reef Light, South Bass Island and Ballast Island to port, followed by a final beat into the finish located at South Bass Island's north shore.  We had a nice 5-10 knot southwest breeze, I thought.  But, Bob Gleason, who was driving the Cruze 970, Tri Me, downwind described the winds as light and shifty.  Welcome to Lake Erie! 

The "Small boat" (< 27 ft.) fleet started first, with the Howe Brother's F-25 C, Panic Button, leading the charge for the first mark. After that, It soon became a match race between Don Wigston and David Saint on the 2 Corsair Sprint 750's.  In the F-27 Fleet, it was a close race between John Collins on the F-27F, Curb Service and John Achim's TRI n Catch Me.  In the "Bigger boat" (> 27 ft.) fleet, Bob Gleason won the start on his Cruze 970, Tri Me, On Board our F-28, Big Storm, we had a terrible start for the first national event we'd sailed in years.  Was Jim having a bad case of nerves?

We caught up to the F-27's at the windward mark, which made for a very crowded mark rounding, with Brian Thorpe's Native Newick 38, Alacrity and the two F-27's inside us and Marty Foster's Reynolds 33 outside!   There were some pretty significant shifts on the downwind leg which we tried to make the most of, while we were being dogged by the F-27's, TRI n Catch Me and Curb Service....Thank you very much! 

The Howe Brother's F-25 C, Panic Button, lead us a merry chase around the Islands finishing well ahead of the fleet.  The Corsair Sprint 750's finished next with Don Wigston's Blew Bayou in second and David Saint's Fringe Element in third on corrected time. 

In the F-27 Fleet, John Collins'  F-27F, Curb Service beat out John Achim's TRI n Catch Me to finish First and Second respectively, with less than a minute in between.  In the Bigger Boat Fleet, Tom Reese's F-28R, Flight Simulator, took flight, overtaking the entire fleet of Corsairs to finish First Overall.  Jim Frederick and Team Big Storm finished 15 minutes behind the 28R on corrected time.  Bob Gleason, on the Cruze 970, Tri Me, finished 21 minutes behind us.  Our PRO, Matt Bounds and his Race Committee waited patiently for us at the finish line, just to let us know, there would be no more racing that day.  

Photo by Kathryn Garlick

The Race Committee at Work

Gordon Fowler, the I-LYA Dockmaster was masterful in the way he fit all the trimarans into "A" Dock, like a jig saw puzzle.....they would only fit one way.  But, having all the Corsairs on the dock gave the racers the opportunity to,  check out each others boats and/or try the new Cruz 970 or Sprint 750 on for size.

Photo by Deb Schaefer

Sunrise at A Dock

Thursday Night, The Official Welcome to the I-LYA Bay Week Regatta:  At precisely 6 pm, the I-LYA Bridge and the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club Bridge, absolutely gleaming in their dress whites, walked in procession behind the Flag Bearer to the PIBYC Dock, where they Officially Opened the 121st Annual I-LYA Bay Week Regatta.  And yes, that is PIBYC Vice Commodore Rick White in his dress whites.  It will be his show next year!

Photo by Deb Schaefer

Official Opening Ceremony for the 121st Annual I-LYA Bay Week Regatta.

This Ceremony was followed by the Welcoming Party at PIBYC Tent with Food by Tony Packos and all the Beer we could possibly drink.  Apple Brown Betty provided lively music and the Beer provided the grease for the lively dancing which ensued.  And our Dockmaster, Gordon Fowler, kicked ass with his guitar solos!  Di Thorpe and I danced until we were weary in the middle. Lake Erie Multihulls held up their end of the Party!!

Photo by Deb Schaefer

 Apple Brown Betty provides the Juice to Make Di Dance!  (above)

Friday, August 1st, Races Two, Three and Four:  It was a bit of a trick getting all of the Corsairs out of the docks on time, but we managed.  The Race Committee waited patiently for all the Corsairs to reach the East Course before they started their sequence, this time!  Considering the light air forecast for the next couple days, PRO Matt Bounds called for  Round-the Buoy Races, Course 4, which is a Windward/leeward Course, twice around with (4) 1 mile legs, an offset mark at the top, a gate at the bottom and a downwind finish.  In the 5-8 knot southwest breeze, we would be able to get three races in at about 45 minutes to an hour each.

Race Two:  The breeze was clocking right which gave those who went right first a chance to shine.  In the Smaller boat fleet, that was the Howe Brothers on their F-25C, Panic Button, by 1 minute on corrected time, followed by Don Wigston on the Corsair Sprint 750, Blew Bayou, and David Saint on his Corsair Sprint 750, Fringe Element.  In the F-27 fleet, it was John Collins on Curb Service who won over Peter Vathutinsky on Tritium, followed by John Achim on TRI n Catch Me.

Photo by Gloria Denos

John Collin's F-27F Nails the Start! (above)

In the Bigger boat fleet, we had a less than stellar start on Big Storm, which forced us to tack right early for clear air. With his sail maker, Dave Calvert on board, Tom Reese's F-28R, Flight Simulator, was 6 minutes faster than us on corrected time and finished First.  We sailed neck and neck with Kevin Grice's F-28R, Rumline and Floris van Laar's F-27, Catch-up coming into the finish, which left us only 33 seconds ahead of Bob Gleason's Cruze 970, Tri Me, at the finish, on corrected time.


Jim Frederick's Big Storm Races Neck and Neck with Kevin Grice's F-28R, Rumline and Floris van Laar's F-27. 

Race Three:  The Howe Brothers on their F-25C, Panic Button rolled the rest of the Small boat fleet at the start and maintained their lead to the end by 2 minutes on corrected time.  They were followed by Don Wigston on the Corsair Sprint 750, Blew Bayou, who lead David Saint on his Corsair Sprint 750, Fringe Element,  by 2 minutes on corrected time. 

Photo by Deb Schaefer

 Don Wigston's Sprint 750, Blew Bayou lead David Saint's Sprint 750, Fringe Element

There was a bit of a shake up in the F-27 Fleet as John Achim on TRI n Catch Me took the lead and beat Floris van Laar's Catch-up by 2 minutes, and Floris beat John Collins' Curb Service by 2 minutes.  In the Bigger Boat Fleet, Tom Reese on Flight Simulator forced us into the Race Committee boat  at the start.  Jim Frederick, spun us around to start DFL, behind Sweet Orange Alacrity, then tacked right ASAP in a persistent shift.  We tacked back to consolidate our position.  All the bigger boats crossed us, including Harold Alber's F-31 R, MyIRA.   However, we got him back on the next crossing.  That pesky Reynolds 33  was always in our breeze and beat us across the line.  In the end, it was Tom Reese on the F-28R who beat us all again by 5 minutes on corrected time...boring!  We were tied with Kevin Grice on his F-28R, Rumline for Second Place!  Then it was the F-31R, MyIRA and the Cruze 970, Tri Me.

Race Four:  Mr. Shifty Wind had some tricks up his sleeve for this race!  That F-25 C that the Howe Brothers rebuilt, Panic Button is just too fast!   They won Race 4 in the Small boat fleet again by a 2 minute margin. But in the Corsair Fleet, it was Don Wigston and David Saint duking it out  once again, with Don Wigston on his Sprint 750, Blew Bayou, beating out David Saint on his Sprint 750, Fringe Element by a mere 27 seconds.  In the F-27 fleet, John Collins and Family were not fooled by the shifty winds and won their class by 2 minutes corrected once again.  Peter Vathutinsky on Tritium, finished 2 minutes ahead of John Achim's TRI n Catch Me on corrected time.

Team Curb Service, with the Father John, and the Funny Brother Phil, and the Funny Son, Ben Win Again!

We had our best start of the day in the Bigger Boat fleet, with all the bigger boats sailing in a bunch, giving each other dirty air, while we footed off for better breeze ahead.  We were able to maintain contact with the big boats coming into the windward mark...Oh Happy Day!

Then a funny thing happened on the way to the downwind gate...there was another wind shift, as there was in the 2 races before.  And our PRO announced that the Windward mark had been moved accordingly with the new heading, as he did before.  But, this time the mark boat moved the windward mark right, as they did before, when it should have been moved left.  Whoops! 

Consequently, the windward/leeward leg was turned into a reach/reach!  Up with the screachers and Tally Ho!  Tom Reese on his F-28R  beat us all again by a comfortable margin, beating Bob Gleason's Cruze 970 by 4 minutes corrected time.  Jim Frederick's F-28, Big Storm finished less than 2 minutes behind the Cruze 970, Tri Me on corrected time. .

Friday PM:  At 5:30 pm, The I-LYA Sail Committee awarded the DAILY First Awards, Pickle Awards and opened the taps for Beer Blast at PIBYC.


Corsair Wannabees, Rear Commodore, Chris Amlin, Vice Commodore Duane Burgoyne and Commodore Steve Harris Pour Beer for the Thirsty Masses.  DKS

Friday Night:  Friday Night was the event we all had been waiting for!  The Mount Gay Sail RUM Party Presented by Corsair Marine!  It  was all we could Drink and Dancing to the sound of Mr. Show.  The Sailor's were fed with Disbrow's Signature OH Boy Sandwich, Mac and Cheese cooked and served on site by the Vermilion Boat Club. OMG were they good!

And What a Party!  We were all good dancers under the influence of Beer, but we were so much better under the influence of RUM!  The more serious drinkers drank out in the Beer Garden.

Saturday, Race Five:  The skies to the north and west were very dark and threatening. The Centerboard Fleet was not going out. The Sail Chairman and  I-LYA Bridge were in a Pow-Wow on the front lawn of the Yacht Club.  They determined that this storm front would pass us to the north.  At 8:30am, our RC Boat, Reward, left the PIB Harbor and raised the "L" Flag with one gun...."Follow Me."   Some of the Corsairs did not leave the dock.  PRO Matt Bounds made an announcement to the Corsair Fleet that he intended to start the race on time. He further asserted that he would try to get in one short race before the next weather system moved in.  And for a while there, when the sun broke through the clouds and shone down on the starting area, it actually looked like he would get one race in.  Meanwhile, the crew on board the F-31R, MyIRA was practicing a double reef.   As  Don Wigston remarked, when the locals put in a reef before the race starts, it tends to give you pause.

hoto by Deborah Schaefer

Team MyIRA Faces Off Against the Impending Storm on Saturday (above)

Don Wigston won the Small Boat start on his Sprint 750 and held his lead all the way to the windward mark, with the F-25C, Panic Button and Mike Garam's M-23, Slingshot in hot pursuit!  All the main players were represented in the F-27 start.  In the Bigger Boat Fleet, we sailed in hot for the RC end of the line, then Jim thought better of it and foot off behind the F-28R's for the favored leeward pin.  We got screwed by the wind shift!  We couldn't even make the pin!  But, less than 1 minute later, Matt  Bounds made the sound signal, raised the "N" Flag and thus abandoned the race and sent us into shore.  We had a great sail back to School House Bay as the wind and waves quickly built.  It was a race to "A" Dock! 

Some boats sailed into Middle Bass  Island Marina.  Some boats sailed into the Mooring Buoys and hung out there. We made made it into  our dock with many helping hands to assist us.  Once Big Storm was secure at the Dock, we headed up to Frosty's Bar with all the other wet sailors for a cold one.  You never saw so much wet foul weather gear indoors!   Matt Bounds thought he might get another race in after the storm had passed, but it was just getting started.  At 12 noon the Races were cancelled for the day.

Saturday Night:  The Racers were treated to Sailor's Surf and Turf:  Lobster Bisque and Ruck Sandwiches, presented  by the Boardwalk and Hooligan's  Irish Pub, plus all  the  Beer you could  drink.  Mr. Show gave an Encore appearance until 10:30pm. And those folks who could still move, Danced , Danced , Danced the Night away!

Sunday Race Day, Race Five and Six:  NOAA  Weather  was predicting light and variable southwest winds at about 4 knots.  PRO Matt Bounds called for two more Course 4's.  He warned us that it would be ugly.

Race Five:  There was a real shake-up in the Small Boat Fleet as the light air zephyrs terrorized the fleet.  Don Wigston was the big winner on his Sprint 750, Blew Bayou, beating out the Howe Brother's F-25 C, Panic Button by 33 seconds on corrected time and putting 2 boats between himself and David Saint's Sprint 750, Fringe Element.  Jim and Carleen MacKenzie had a good race on their home built F-22, Raise a Little Hull, finishing less than 2 minutes behind Panic Button on corrected time.

There was a shake up in the F-27 Fleet as well.  Peter Vathutinsky on Tritium, finished 4 minutes ahead of the next competitor, Floris van Laar's Catch-up.  But, John Collins' Curb Service was only 19 seconds behind in third place.

Photo by Gloria Denos

Peter Vathutinsky on the F-27 F, Tritium, Crosses the Fleet (above)

In the Bigger Boat fleet, the Screachers were the  Feature to use upwind in the light breeze!  Especially the flat screachers built by Dave Calvert and Randy Smyth.  We had a Dave Calvert screacher on board Big Storm, but it's misshapen and not nearly flat enough for sailing uphill.  Also, the boats with the taller rigs and longer water lines were definitely advantaged in the dying breeze.  We thought we were toast. 

Bob Gleason's Cruze 970, Tri Me was so far ahead of the fleet at the finish.  But, Tom Reese on his F-28R, Flight Simulator, still won the race by 4 minutes on corrected time.  Kevin Grice on the F-28R, Rumline, also had a good race finishing only 13 seconds behind Gleason for third place.  On Big Storm, we got sandwiched in between John Collin's F-27 Curb Service to leeward and Marty Foster's R33, Double Time to windward.  We tried to break out, but Marty would not let us go!  So we were stuck going as slow as the slowest boat!  I broke out into an old British War Song, "And we will all go down together!"

Photo by Gloria Denos

Bob Gleason on the Cruze 970, Tri Me, Covers the F-28R, Flight Simulator Downwind (above)

Race Six:  We thought that the breeze had gone bye-bye for good....wrong!  The breeze filled in to give us about 6-7 knots of breeze for the start.  PRO Matt Bounds had just enough time to start one more race before 11:30 am deadline.  DRAT!  In the Small boat fleet, Panic Button pulled off another win.  Don Wigston, on his Sprint 750, Blew Bayou "almost crossed the Howes on port tack near the windward mark, but was forced to exonerate himself with a 360 penalty turn.  However, the Bad Boys still made out good, correcting out 8 minutes behind the F-25C, but 8 minutes ahead of Jim and Carleen MacKenzie's F-22, Raise a Little Hull.  David Saint sailed into the dumpster with his Sprint 750 on the Fringe of the sorry, no throw-outs! 

In the F-27 Fleet, Peter Vathutinsky on Tritium, had another outstanding race, beating John Collin's Team Curb Service by 7 minutes!  That had to hurt!  John Achim's TRI n Catch Me corrected out to Third by only 36 seconds!  He could have been a contender!. 

The dying breeze in the the last lap of the last race definitely favored the tall rigs and long water lines.  Tom Reese on his F-28R, Flight Simulator, won his 6th and final race by 2 minutes corrected time. Harold Alber on his F-31R, MyIRA finished less than 2 minutes behind on corrected time for Second Place.  He didn't know it, but he did us a favor by finishing ahead of Bob Gleason's Cruze 970, Tri Me and keeping us with in one boat of Gleason in the points total.

Sunday after the Races:  We had more Daily First Awards, more Tony Packo Pickle Awards, a Beer Bust and the Final Awards in the Big Top!  Corsair sponsored unique Award Flags, three deep for the Open Multihull, Corsair Fleets, and the Overalls.  There was also a bottle of  Mt. Gay Rum awarded to the First Place Finisher in each fleet!

Photo by Deb Schaefer

Team Slingshot Graciously Accept the Tony Packo Pickle  Award for Race 5

National Championship Course

Smaller (<27 ft.) (GLMRA - 7 Boats)
1. Panic Button, Farrier F-25C, Todd and Ryan Howe, Rochester, NY, USA, 1-1-1-1-2-1; 7
2. Blew Bayou, Corsair Sprint 750 Mk II, Don Wigston, Mary Esther, FL, USA, 2-2-2-2-1-2; 11
3. Fringe Element, Corsair Sprint 750 MK II, David Saint, Tallahassee, FL, USA, 3-3-3-3-4-6; 22
4. Raise a Little Hull, F-22, Jim MacKenzie, London, Ont, CAN, 5-4-4-4-3-3; 23
5. Synergy, F-24 MK II, Thomas Frederick, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, 6-5-5-6-5-5; 32
6. Slingshot, Multi 23, Mike Garam, Mentor, OH, USA, 4-7-6-5-7-4; 33
7. Shall We Dance?, Corsair F-24 MKI, Robert Kansa, Akron, OH, USA, 7-6-7-7-6-7; 40

Corsair 27 (GLMRA - 9 Boats)
1. Curb Service, Corsair F-27F, John Collins, Hendersonville, TN, USA, 1-1-3-1-3-2; 11
2. Tritium, F-27, Peter Vakhutinsky, Needham, MA, USA, 3-2-4-2-1-1; 13
3. TRI n Catch Me, F-27, John Achim, Menomonee Falls, WI, USA, 2-3-1-3-4-3; 16
4. Catch-UP, F-27, Floris van Laar, Hamilton, Ont, CAN, 4-4-2-5-2-4; 21
5. Three Cheers, Corsair F-27, Chris Ufton , Brampton, Ont, CAN, 7-6.5-5-4-5-5; 32.5
6. Shearwater, F-27, David Dawson, Northampton, PA, USA, 5-6.5-7-10/DNF-6-6; 40.5
7. Minnows, F-27, Stanley Hall, Clay Twp., MI, USA, 6-5-8-10/DNC-10/DNC-10/DNC; 49
8. Triple Time, Corsair F-27, Jeremy MacLaverty, Kingston, Ont, CAN, 8-10/DNF-6-6-10/DNC-10/DNC; 50
9. Justtright 2, Corsair F-27, Harold Hynscht , Port Dover, Ont, CAN, 10/DNC-8-10/DNC-10/DNC-10/DNC-10/DNC; 58

Bigger (>27 ft.) (GLMRA - 7 Boats)
1. Flight Simulator, Corsair 28R, Tom Reese, Youngstown, NY, USA, 1-1-1-1-1-1; 6
2. Big Storm, Corsair F-28 Trimaran, James Frederick, Port Clinton, OH, USA, 2-2-2.5-3-4-4; 17.5
3. Tri Me, Corsair Cruz 970, Robert Gleason, Wareham , MA , USA, 3-3-5-2-2-3; 18
4. Rumline, Corsair 28R, Kevin Grice, Houston, TX, USA, 4-4-2.5-7-3-6; 26.5
5. MyIRA, F-31R, Harold Alber, Dayton, OH, USA, 6-5-4-5-5-2; 27
6. Alacrity, Newick Native 38, Brian Thorpe, Northville, MI, USA, 5-6-6-4-7-7; 35
7. Double Time, Reynolds 33, Martin Foster, Chesterfield, MI, USA, 7-7-7-6-6-5; 38

Corsair Fleet Results:

Small Boat Corsair Fleet (< 27 ft.):

1. Team Blew Bayou, Sprint 750 MkII, skippered by Don Wigston, won the Small Corsair Fleet with  a 2,2,2,2,1, 2 for 11 pts.

2. Team Fringe Element, Sprint 750 MkII, skippered by David Saint, placed Second,with a 3,3,3,3,4, 6 for 22 pts.

3. Team Synergy, F-24 Mk II, skippered by Thomas Frederick, placed Third with 6,5,5,6,5,5 for 32 pts. 

Photo by Gloria Denos

Don Wigston and Mike McGarry Sail to Victory on the Corsair Sprint 750, Blew Bayou! (above)

Corsair 27 (GLMRA - 9 Boats)
1. Curb Service, Corsair F-27F, John Collins , Hendersonville, TN, USA, 1-1-3-1-3-2; 11
2. Tritium, F 27, Peter Vakhutinsky , Needham, MA, USA, 3-2-4-2-1-1; 13
3. TRI n Catch Me, F 27, John Achim , Menomonee Falls, WI, USA, 2-3-1-3-4-3; 16

Photo by Gloria Denos

Team Flight Simulator (above)

Bigger Corsairs (>27 ft.)

1. Flight Simulator, Corsair 28R, Tom Reese, Youngstown, NY, USA, 1-1-1-1-1-1; 6
2. Big Storm, Corsair F-28 Trimaran, James Frederick, Port Clinton, OH, USA, 2-2-2.5-3-4-4; 17.5
3. Tri Me, Corsair Cruz 970, Robert Gleason, Wareham, MA, USA, 3-3-5-2-2-3; 18

Photo by Gloria Denos

Team Curb Service Accept Their Flag for Second Place Corsair Overall (above)

Corsair Overall Awards:

1. Tom Reese, Dave Calvert, and Rob Remmers, Flight Simulator, Corsair F-28R 

2. John, Phil and Ben Collins, Curb Service, Corsair F-27F(above)

3. Don Wigston and Mike McGarry, Blew Bayou, Corsair Sprint 750 MkII

See more detailed results on line at:

Photo by Gloria Denos

Team Flight Simulator Takes Home All the Marbles! Congratulations!


Photo by Deb Schaefer

John Borman Cup Perpetual Trophy:  Tom Reese, Dave Calvert, and Rob Remmers, Flight Simulator, F-28R (above)

So Many Thank You's!  I want to sincerely thank all of the competitors for coming to the Corsair National Championship/ Rendezvous and Offshore Multihull Regatta.  I want to thank Bob Gleason from the Multihull Source for supporting this event when things weren't going so well.  He said it would all work out in the end and he was right.  I want to thank Bob Sheppard, I-LYA Race Chairman for his leadership and his Side Kick, Chris Sheppard for her part as Registrar.  I need to thank Noelle Iles, Corsair  Marine' s Marketing Manager for all the work she did soliciting Sponsors for all the Goody Bags, Shirts, Hats, Flags and Swag for the racers.  And thank you  Corsair Marine, North Sails, DIAB, Midway Metals, West Marine, Harken, Forespar & Tea Tree Power for all the Great Swag!!  I wish to thank Robert Kansa for designing the Award Flags and the Corsair Nationals Logo which appears on all the Shirts.  I wish to thank Port Clinton Yacht Club for supplying the Race Committee Boat and the Volunteers to run the races all four days and arranging for the Commodore's Wine and Cigar Deck Party.  I wish to thank Corsair Marine and Mt. Gay Rum for their contribution to the Sailor's Rum Party. I drank my fill to be sure!  I want to thank Trey Ritter and the entire GLMRA Handicapping Committee for volunteering their time and energy so that we could have a level playing field for this National Event! I want to thank the I-LYA Bridge for making all the Corsair and Multihull Sailors feel so Welcome and pitching in at the Beer Tent.  I want to thank PRO Matt Bounds for his outstanding job out on the race course. Way to be Matt!! And last, but not least, I wish to thank my new husband, Jim Frederick, for not giving up the ship when things got a bit too intense!  

We want you all to come back next year and join us for the 122nd Annual I-LYA Bay Week Regatta.  Save this date: First week in August 2015!!!   I will see you at the Bay!!  

Check out this link for photos of your boat:

Photo by Kathryn Garlick

The Regatta is Over

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