Review from Trade Boats: Corsair Pulse 600


Small trimarans like the Corsair Pulse 600 are ideal boats for Australia’s shoal waters. This multihull sailboat has a shallow draft, large deck space and performance, plus the fact that it’s a trailerable trimaran makes it very convenient.

Mooring a trimaran of course is the challenge, unless a safe swing mooring is available, but this isn’t a problem for the Corsair Pulse 600, a trailerable trimaran with a unique folding system. Another attraction is stability, as a trimaran’s wide beam and weight centred in the main hull means these smaller designs are more stable than similar trailerable trimarans; an important consideration for going offshore.


Originally an American company that had the talented Kiwi designer Ian Farrier since its inception in 1985, Corsair boats changed ownership before continuing under Australian owner Seawind. Sharing Seawind’s Vietnam premises, Corsair Marine is managed by several of the original staff, a bunch of people I enjoyed meeting with when spending some time at their factory in Ho Chi Minh City.

The newly launched 19-foot Corsair Pulse 600 joins a well-established range that numbers more than 2000 Corsair boats, sailing hulls from 24 to 37 feet. In cruising mode Corsair boats have crossed oceans and even gone among the icefields, so these folding, small, trailerable trimarans have proved their toughness. 



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