Setting up a Corsair Sprint 750 MK II for sailing

The first thing you will notice is the deck which has been totally redesigned, Its styling is sleek, fresh and modern. Next, you will notice that, in addition to the DASH’s bigger floats which will make the MK II skip across the water, it also has the same beams, hull and rig.

Then, you will notice the day sailor come out in you: “I bet my Sprint 750 MK II could beat the DASH 750…”

The Sprint 750 MKII (and the DASH 750) are the two best, most fun, fast and exciting boats Corsair has ever built.

But as with all of Corsair Marine’s trimarans, the Sprint 750 MK II also delivers on the other “Corsair Critical Criteria”: safety through structural integrity; and ease of trailerabilty brought about by the simplicity of the floats’ folding mechanism and the raising/lowering of the mast. By being so trailerable, so many more sailing opportunities open up for day sailing with the family or racing – all at a very affordable price.  Learn More >>


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