Synthetic Standing Rigging?

corsair 24

Question: Is synthetic standing rigging a good choice for my Corsair 31? What are the pros and cons?

Name: Hunter Powell

Boat: Corsair 31


Hi Hunter,

I'm not certain about the C-31, but I upgraded from stainless to Colligo Dux in 2011 on my Corsair 24 for the shrouds and forestay and have been very happy. 

Pros include much easier to put the rig up and down without kinking, reduces weight aloft, and we replaced all the wire in the bow of the boat...MUCH easier to fold the pole and the amas now.  Easy to adjust and to check for wear or damage that could compromise the rig.  Very important in the sometimes-extreme conditions on San Francisco Bay.

Cons, be sure to use soft hanks on your jib if you are going with a synthetic forestay.

Thank you for the question, Hunter!

- Corsair Marine Experts


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