Taking Delivery of a New Corsair 760 Sport - Part 2

Launching and Sailing the Corsair 760 Sport

After a break for the Miami Boat Show, it was time for the fun part: launching and sailing. Unwrapping all the parts took a while, but the upside is there was not a scratch on anything including the gorgeous carbon fiber bowsprit, boom and rudder. As we are used to, mast raising went without a hitch and within just over an hour we were taking our first sail, allowing the synthetic shrouds to stretch in. The Corsair 760 Sport comes standard with synthetic side shrouds and tensioning system from Colligo Marine (www.colligomarine.com)—a much appreciated touch.

I have sailed on the 760 Sport for a few more days since, mostly with just the main and jib but some also with screacher, in winds up to about 17 knots. Top speed so far has been 16 knots with main and screacher, which came so easily its obvious that a lot more is possible. Because this new model can be sailed very aggressively without any tendency of the leeward float to bury for for the boat to trip over its bows. At a point which on earlier 750 models I might feel the need to back off, on the 760 Sport it’s pedal to the metal. Corsair’s 24 ft trimarans have come a LONG way since the original 1993 F-24 Mk I that’s for sure!  On the 760 its a joy to behold the leeward float bow knifing through the water, kicking up a little spray (which does not come anywhere near the cockpit), the relatively flat float undersides providing a lot of lift, encouraging the main hull to start planing. The fun factor of this boat is huge, but yet it has a really comfortable interior with much improved settee cushions and a more modern look. The Corsair 760 Sport is unmatched by any 24 ft. boat I know of for speed, comfort and convenience. Frankly I can’t imagine a more versatile 24 ft boat period. Two thumbs up!

Corsair 760

Corsair 760

Corsair 760


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