Taking delivery of a new Corsair 760 Sport - Part 1

Delivery and Assembly of the Corsair 760 Sport

We recently took delivery of two new Corsair 760s, including our own Corsair 760 Sport to be used as a demo boat for Windcraft Multihulls windcraftmultihulls.com and a customer boat for 180marine.com that will be used in our May Trimaran Speed Clinic. Two 760s fit easily in one container, with one angled up slightly on its shipping cradle to clear the cockpit of the other. It’s about a 40 day wait from the factory to our yard, so anticipation was running high by the time the container doors were opened and we laid our eyes on these two beauties.

As we have come to expect from Corsair, the boats and parts were extremely well wrapped and secured at the factory and both boats survived the ocean passage without a scratch. It took about two hours to carefully extract the boats from the shipping container with a forklift—there is barely a couple of inches of clearance on each side so slowly does it is the key.

Once the boats, still strapped to their shipping cradles, are safely on the ground we started putting the first one together. First the beams were attached to the main hull via the folding struts. The boat was then lifted from its shipping cradle onto its trailer using a boom truck. The beams were extended and ends bolted down, and the floats lifted up to the ends of the beams using a small engine crane. The floats were then bonded and bolted to the beam ends, nets attached and tensioned, and the floats folded in. After attaching the front and rear mast supports the mast was unwrapped and lifted up on to the boat and tied down. A couple of tie down lines to secure the boat to the trailer and we were ready to hit the highway. From opening the container to driving off with the first boat on its trailer took a little over one day, with 3-4 people helping, some only part time.

Unloading the Corsair 760

Corsair 760

Corsair 760


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