The Inside Track on the New Corsair 970 SPORT

The New Corsair 970 SPORT has arrived, and she boasts some impressive numbers.  Here's the inside-track on how we made a fast boat even faster.    

A Master Chef's knife, not a Swiss Army knife

The Corsair 970 CRUZE is "the Swiss Army knife" of trimarans:  She meets trailering requirements in most regions, carries a full interior for cruising, and achieves remarkable speeds.  Part of the trailering consideration was to carry a mast of 12m tall.  The Corsair 970 SPORT is relieved of that consideration and comes equipped with a mast a full 1.5 metres taller.  The new Corsair 970 SPORT rig allows more power and improved sail shape and efficiency, while retaining control.  

The New 970 SPORT

Power with Control

The 970 SPORT handles the increased power through a new aft traveler arrangement.  The position of the mainsail controls is now better suited for racing, with the ability to quickly fine-tune.  

Weight Savings

The 970 CRUZE comes with a plush new interior throughout.  But interior materials do mean weight.  The 970 SPORT carries the new comfortable saloon interior, but saves weight in the cabins forward and aft.  Using lightweight coated surfaces in those places saves weight where it's most important and allows resources to be spent on sails, equipment and the like.

The Skinny

All of that adds up:  The Corsair 970 SPORT has significantly enhanced power to weight ratio.  Compared to the 970 CRUZE, power to weight is up 9.5%.  An already powerful boat just got better.

The new Corsair 970 SPORT joins a new line of models beginning with the new Corsair 760 SPORT and the 970 SPORT.  Read more about the Corsair SPORT line HERE>>


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