Three hulls, four legs: trimaran sailing with pets


Last week as I was motoring through the waterways around Stockholm having just wrapped up the Stockholm in water boat show. I came across the Cruze 970 YOLO, Bosse and his wife were motoring out into the bay to do some sailing while the weather was still warm. YOLO is a fantastic Cruze 970, it's always great to see her out on the water but what was really fantastic to see was that they had their furry, four legged friend on board.

I caught up with Bosse later that day and learned that he takes his dog sailing all the time. He noted the added stability of a trimaran makes it much easier for him to have a pet on board, I am actually surprised I have not seen more of our owners cruising with their cats and dogs.

While this dog like most clearly loves the water it was great to see he had been fitted with a doggy life jacket. Good work Bosse!

We would love to see some more pics of owners cruising with their pets. If you do happen to get some next time you're out on the water please send them through to us at but please remember to stay safe and strap a life jacket to your pet before jumping aboard. See here for our recommended dog life vests: Dog Life Jackets>>


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