Torqeedo Innovation

Torqeedo stands for clean sustainable mobility on the water - the alternative to the small combustion outboard.

Torqeedo transforms your marine leisure activity into modern, clean and safe enjoyment. Our motors are leading-edge, high-tech design products powered by the safest and most powerful lithium batteries of their kind.

• Simple handling
• Clean to use: no smells, no leaks, no fuel
• Many convenient features
• Avoid significant harmful pollutant emissions
• Modern design
• Low noise level
• Highest safety level

A Torqeedo motor would be a great fit for any of the Corsair trimaran models. For instance, you may consider the Travel 503/ 1003/ 1003 C. The clean alternative to a small gas outboard: You can go wherever you wish with the Torqeedo Travel – with no exhaust and fuel. With the power and range of a 3 HP combustion motor and all the advantages of an electric drive system from Torqeedo: GPS in real time, USB adapter and a high-performance battery are only a few of the many extras and convenient features. Now also available in the extra powerful Travel 1003 C version with 73% increased battery capacity.




Torqeedo has more than 20 different high-tech boat motors to meet every requirement.

180 Marine is a authorized Torqeedo dealer.

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Ultralight 1HP - for kayaks and very light boats
Ultralight Torqeedo


Travel 1.5HP - 3HP - for tenders, dinghies and daysailers up to 1.5 tons

Travel Torqeedo

Cruise 5HP - 20HP - for motorboats and sailboats up to 10 tons

Cruise Torqeedo

Deep Blue - 40HP - 80HP - for commercial operators and green boaters
Deep Blue Torqeedo

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