Trailering Your Corsair Trimaran

The total towing weight can vary considerably, depending on model and options, and can be determined exactly by using a weighbridge. Check that the vehicle is approved and equipped as recommended by its manufacturer for towing this weight, and the capacity of the towing hitch is suitable.

While towing, watch for strong crosswinds. A Corsair trimaran is a relatively light boat for towing, but it still has considerable wind age. For easy, stable towing, the trailer should be balanced to have 5 to 10% of the total weight on the coupling ball. This can be measured by a bathroom scale. If you find ‘fish tailing’ occurs, increase this weight. If necessary, a simple change like shifting the gas tank or outboard forward can make a considerable difference to trailer behavior.

Trailer lights are fitted either on special brackets or as a separate light bar on the boat’s transom. They are thus independent from the trailer, and the wiring never gets near the water, considerably improving reliability. If separate, be sure to fit the correct lights on the appropriate sides. The wire should be run along the top of the boat, looped around the foredeck cleat and then connected to the towing vehicle. Independent wiring avoid the frequent breakdowns that occur with wiring through the trailer being towed on its own, the lights can be mounted directly to the trailer.

Before trailering, check that tires are inflated correctly, the beam locking pins are in place, the rudder is fully up and tied to one side, the pop-top or hatch is secured, and the boat is tied down to the trailer. There should be one tie-down per side, these being looped around the winches or brackets on the cockpit coamings, and tied to the tie-down loops on the trailer. The bow eye should also be tied down to the winch post, in addition to the winch line. Check that all the trailer supports always bear equally against the hulls.

When trailering, be sure to pivot up or remove the trailer jockey wheel, and that the hitch is locked on to the ball.

Should the mast extend back past the trailer lights by more than the legal amount, the appropriate warning flag should be tied on the back. The mast can be positioned far enough forward to eliminate any excessive over this may not be possible if the towing vehicle is a van.

When trailering, always allow extra distance for stopping. Particularly watch for low bridges, overhanging trees or awnings etc. if necessary, the boat can be partially unfolded on the trailer in order to pass under a low bridge. CAUTION Measure and know the overall height on the trailer. Care should be taken to avoid all low, overhead obstacles. 

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