Why would I ever consider a trimaran?

As a multihull man, in particular one who loves and sails trimarans, many people ask me “Why would I ever consider a trimaran?” They often say:  1. Trimarans have a smaller accomodation Correct Internal accommodation is compensated by the living space outside. After all when you go sailing you do not want to spend your time inside your cabin, do you? You want to enjoy the environment and atmosphere. Most often we sail the trimarans in warm waters and to get the most out of the time on board, to... Read More »
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The Inside Track on the New Corsair 970 SPORT

The New Corsair 970 SPORT has arrived, and she boasts some impressive numbers.  Here's the inside-track on how we made a fast boat even faster.     A Master Chef's knife, not a Swiss Army knife The Corsair 970 CRUZE is "the Swiss Army knife" of trimarans:  She meets trailering requirements in most regions, carries a full interior for cruising, and achieves remarkable speeds.  Part of the trailering consideration was to carry a mast of 12m tall.  The Corsair 970 SPORT is relieved of... Read More »
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Why a Trimaran?

There is a number of reasons why a trimaran makes a great choice of sailboat. As a Trimaran manufacturer we are obviously biased towards three hulls however we will do our best to provide unbiased fact to help you in your decision process. Lets get started, in no particular order with the features that make a trimaran stand out among a crowd of potential options for you and your family. Speed On all boats, power-to-weight ratio and wetted surface area are two of the most important factors... Read More »
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Windcraft Trimaran Sailing Clinic with Randy Smyth

  Corsair Dealer Windcraft organized and hosted another successful Trimaran Sailing Clinic October 2-4 2015 at the Fort Walton Yacht Club in the Florida Panhandle. At the hands of world class multihull sailor and coach Randy Smyth and his assistant coaches twelve sailors from various parts of the USA saw their sailing skills and knowledge dramatically improve over the two days of this clinic. Participants of all skill levels from novice to experienced were introduced to Randy’s simple but highly... Read More »
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Trimaran Antifouling FAQ's

QUESTION: "Long time multi huller. Want to purchase F-24 and leave at dock in lake for immediate ease of use. Do I have to worry about hull blistering? What bottom paint do you suggest? I only want to paint bottom to keep brown lake gunge off boat. How do I find the lines for painting?" Randy Chapman   This is a question that we are frequently asked and as with most things there is more than one answer that will get the job done. These are my tips for a tidy antifoul job... Step 1 Sit the boat... Read More »
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Where should I place my triducer?

Hi, Recently we had the idea of upgrading our Dash MkII with a set of instruments. Now I wonder where is the best position for the triducer (speed, depth & temp.), also not conflicting with a standard trailer setup (no rolls, just wooden bars). Can you please provide a plan where in relation to the daggerboard case i should place the 51mm hole? Name: Michael Günder Boat_Type: Corsair Dash MkII Subject: Where to put a TackTick Triducer? Read More »
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Re-Painting My F31 Deck

Question: Hello, I need to repaint my 31 deck, do you know the non-skid paint type Corsair Marine uses for this boat. Thanks, Stephane Name: Stephane Boat_Type: F31 RCC   Image from f-boat.com.   Answer: Hi Stephanie, Thank you for submitting this FAQ to the Corsair Community! The supplier for the paint is Nuplex and this is the color code used for the US gelcoat is: FM3WHI001. Here are the specs for the paint: PERFORMANCE IVORY WHITE 001 GELCOAT (S) (FM3WHI001). Hope this  info helps!... Read More »
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Community Question: Beaching My Corsair

We want YOU involved! Who can answer this question submitted by Bruce? Write your answer in the comments section below the post. Question: Hello, I live on an inlet that dries twice daily - on Puget Sound, Washington State. I'm wondering if I could keep an F-24 or F-27 on the beach, in front of the house, during Spring and Summer. The inlet is very protected, so there's very, very little wave action - the water comes into and out of the inlet very slowly and gently. Thoughts?? I appreciate your... Read More »
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Rotating Mast Question

Question: I would like to install an auto helm with wind indicator for following the wind angle. Is it possible with the rotating mast and if so can you recommend a wind indicator model or system Thank you, Bill Name: Bill Judson Boat_Type: 2003 Corsair F-24 Answer: Hi Bill, Yes, auto helm systems are installed on trimarans with rotating masts. Google “autohelm for rotating mast” and you’ll see many links on the topic. It would be best to narrow down your choice to those that have a transducer... Read More »
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Roller Reefing

Question: With the standard Sprint Mk1 setup, the end of the rotation arm extends past the deck padeye which I assume is there to connect the rotation arm to the deck after having rolled the sail around the boom for reefing? I could connect the rotation adjustment system further back so it is more vertical above the padeye but my question is will this create undesirable forces pulling the rotation lever hard against the back of the mast? What do others do to solve this? See attached image... Read More »
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Learn more about Corsair's windward performance

All Corsair models will point very high if set up and sailed correctly but this can also be very dependent on the crew’s skill. It is possible to point just as high as a mono hull but this may not be the fastest way to windward. A good multihull is capable of much higher speeds to windward than a mono, which also brings the apparent wind forward, to where pointing is much greater. One thing to avoid is over sheeting the headsail, while pulling this very tightly will guarantee a good pointing ... Read More »
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Rudder Lifting Mechanism

We received the following question from a Corsair Marine Facebook fan via the Corsair Marine Facebook page: Question: Hello--I was wondering if you could share any close up photos of the rudder lifting mechanism--I recently bought an 06 F24 and I don't think it's rigged correctly. Thanks! - Kristopher Pfotenhauer Answer: Hi Kristopher, Thank you for messaging this question to us on our Corsair Marine Facebook page! We wanted to share it with all Corsair Community members, so we are posting it in... Read More »
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New Outboard Motor

Question: I have a 1993 Honda 9.9 motor that nobody can fix so that it starts consistently and runs dependably. Local engine repair outfit, friends, etc have all tried. I am tossing in the towel and need a good, dependable outboard. Would like to get electric start engine that works! Am considering the 15HP honda. Any suggestions? I am in Kailua-Kona, HI. Dealer carries Honda and Yamaha. Name: Garrette Boat_Type: F31 R Answer: Hi there again Garrette, Another great question! I am not by any... Read More »
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Launch Vehicle Towing Capacity

Question: Hi Corsair Experts, I launch boat via boat ramp quite often and my old vehicle is dying. What is the weight of loaded 31R on trailer (steel, not aluminum trailer)? What towing capacity is needed to safely launch and not destroy the auto. All economical AWD's and 4x4's are now small engines, and struggle with a boat on a trailer. Thanks! Name: Garrette Boat_Type: 2003 31R Answer: Hi Garrette, The overall weight of a C-31R + trailer can vary but should be somewhere around 4500lbs. My... Read More »
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Shrouds and Stays

Question: Hi Corsair, I have two questions for you about shrouds: 1) How tight does the frontstay have to be, because tighter it is the better goes upwind. Also how can I tighten it up? 2) The F31R has a rotaive mast, how tight should the sidestay be? Thanks for your help! Name: Oliver Hoffmann Boat_Type: F31R Answer: Hi Oliver, Great questions you have here! The New Corsair Marine Sailing Manual covers all you need to know about setting up your shrouds and stays on Corsair trimarans or like... Read More »
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Cracking sound in the mast of my C28

Question: Hello Corsair Team, I got a pretty annoying and loud cracking sound within the mast of my C28, when I am sailing with more wind or even, when I just push firmly horizontally at the lower end of the mast. It seems that the sound is coming from somewhere from within in breast height although this is difficult to determine exactly. I already detached the boom and lossened all halyards in order to exclude that it was coming from a misleaded halyard under tension... without any result. The... Read More »
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The spinnaker is a very easy sail to use on a trimaran

Reading the new Corsair Marine Sailing Manual ...these helpful tips about spinnaker basics are key, so I wanted to share: SPINNAKER The spinnaker is a very easy sail to use on a trimaran, due to the wide beam and level sailing. The spinnaker thus becomes a very practical and safe sail for family sailing with very few control problems. All Corsair trimarans use an asymmetric spinnaker which are the easiest to use, and the fastest if used correctly. The asymmetric spinnaker can be launched from... Read More »
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Raising and Lowering the Mainsail on a Corsair Easier

Question: Anybody have ideas for easier raise and lower of mainsail? Harkin batt cars or inserts for track on mast? Fully battoned Kevlar main bolt rope has swollen, I am older and want to be able to drop main really easy? Name: Mike Pryor Boat_Type: C28ce Subject: Mainsail hard to lower bolt rope replacement systems? Answer:  Hi Mike, Thank you for your question!  We reached out to Multihull Sailboat Expert, Mat Bryant, of West Coast Multihulls to answer your question. Here are his thoughts on ... Read More »
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Lifting Eye Positioning

Question: I need to use the lifting eyes to put the boat on the trailer, but it is not clear to me which are the lifting eyes position! Should I use the eyes positioned on the floats? Or there are 2 "eyes" positioned on the hull where the front arms move? in this case do I use the stern cleat as rear lifting eyes? Thanks for your help! Name: Antoine Boat_Type: F24 MkII Answer: Hi Antoine, Thank you for your question about use of lifting eyes! Always use your Corsair Marine Sailing Manual for the... Read More »
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Reef and Cunningham Rigging Questions

Question: Can anyone tell me where the reefing and cunning lines go after leaving the underside of the boom mast end? Name: John Turner Boat_Type: F-24 MKII Answer: Good question, John. Check for information in the new Corsair Sailing Manual. If you don't find the information you're looking for in there, check with your local Corsair Marine dealer. They may have some great ideas for you. - Corsair Marine Expert   Submit your own FAQ question >> ...or see what other's have asked >>   Read More »
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