Trimaran Performance Sailing Clinic


We just wrapped up another Trimaran Performance Sailing Clinic with instructor extraordinaire Randy Smyth and two of our devoted assistant coaches Linda Wright and Bruce Kuerten. Seventeen students listened to Randy's simple but unique approach to extracting the most performance from a multihull and put the theory into practice on the water on four different Corsairs: a Pulse 600, a Dash 750, a 28 center cockpit and a 31R.

Here is what one participant had to say: "I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the clinic. Being new to owning a Corsair I found the sail trim process that Randy explained to be the most valuable take away. All of the assistant coaches were excellent. I have only had the chance to sail my Corsair F-31 seven times before coming to the clinic. I wanted to attend the clinic before I developed bad habits..... I am excited to get back on the water and sail the boat the way it should be sailed. Anyone sailing a multihull, especially a Corsair should attend this clinic!" 
The photo shows the Pulse 600 with 4 students and one instructor--a very large payload for a 20 ft boat! But it still went fast....

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