Development Update #3 on the Pulse 600


With the hull, beam and float moulds all complete, the attention is now on the deck mould as the last major moulding to be completed before the first product can be produced. Here are some recent photos and insight into the current developments:


To make the deck mould, we first have to make the male plug. We do this using a series of CNC cut parts, which we slot into the hull shape before finishing with a filling material which is then sanded back by hand. We do this on a hull part so that we can be absolutely sure the hull and deck join aligns 100% every time as the parts themselves are made completely separately.








Having the deck shape being built up on the hull also gives us the ability to insert the carbon ring frame and back beam in position for the first time. These two components are absolutely critical to the boats structure and have to fit perfectly into the new deck shape as they carry the loads which are transferred through the beams, mast base and main sheet system. For a lightweight multihull , it’s in these areas that you need great structural properties and hence why we have opted to use carbon fiber for these components.









With the ring frame and back beam in place, we also take the opportunity to position the floats and check the beam alignment. This is the first opportunity to see the boat as a whole and it looks fantastic. Sporty, modern and sleek but also you can tell it will be a lot of fun!

The global interest in this boat has been fantastic and the feedback has been really useful from those that have taken the time to send us their comments. We’ve received some really interesting ideas and input and it’s all valuable info and appreciated. Please feel free to leave your comments below this post and we will read them!

The great news is that we now have:

  • 4 Boats confirmed to head to the US
  • 4 Boats confirmed to head to Europe
  • 2 Boats heading to Australia
  • 1 Boat to the UK

At US $33,500 including sails and equipment required to get you out on the water, why wouldn’t you be placing an order for next season right now?


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Comments for Development Update #3 on the Pulse 600

Name: rob paterson
Time: Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I have loved my 2 corsair F24s over the years and look forward to the Pulse 600. Where and when do you anticipate I can look at one in the Us?thanks
Rob Paterson

Name: vaplaya
Time: Friday, November 28, 2014

Hi All,

Its looking awesome!!!! Fast and sexy!

Are those shipping numbers stated above to Dealers?

If so, where in the U.S. for a Demo?


Name: Matt
Time: Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I've heard that this boat will have cam cleats (like a Hobie) in lieu of jib sheet winches. Is that true?

Name: Mike Rees - Team Corsair
Time: Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hi Matt,

That's right, the loads on the boat are such that you won't need big winches which means we can keep the weight (and cost) to a minimum.

Name: Mike Rees - Team Corsair
Time: Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Just addressing Vaplaya's question on where you can test a Pulse 600. Yes, we have a number of dealers taking boats in the US however the first real chance to see them in action will be at the Corsair Nationals in May:
If you're a multihull sailer then this is a great event to get down to anyway...
You can email to find out more details your local dealer and how to get to see a Pulse 600.

Name: Knox Rodgers
Time: Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What are the general dimensions of the cockpit and tramps ( length and width ) ? Trying to get a sense of the space available for friends and crew. Best of luck - the boat may be perfectly sized. Thanks, Knox Rodgers Atlanta USA

Name: Mike Rees
Time: Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hi Knox,

The Pulse cockpit is proportionately large for a 20 foot multihull.

When we actually setup the design brief, we took the cockpit dimensions from our larger 24 foot Corsair Sprint and used them as the base point. Ergonomically, the Sprint works very well and we didn't want to move away from a proven setup.
The tramps are 2.5m x 1.2m but the floats add another 0.4m of additioanl width outboard of the tramps.
The cockpit length is 2.5m from ring frame to back beam however runs further aft. The cockpit is 1m wide at its mid-point.
The boat can easily be sailed with 4 or even more onboard however I imaging racing would best be done with 3 onboard.
You can see some images of our recent sailing here:

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