Pre-owned trimarans need some love too!

Why Corsair Trimaran?
  • They’re Fast
  • They’re Safe
  • They’re Exciting
  • They’re Trailerable
  • Versatile, Fun and Stable
  • They deliver speed on a puff of wind
  • Their shallow draft allows you to coast directly up onto any beach
  • There’s lots of space for family & crew on the large trampolines
  • The wide beams provide a flat stable platform under sail
  • It’s a great base for family fun when at anchor
  • It’s quick and easy from trailer to sailor
Here are some fine pre-owned Corsair trimaran listings! 2012 Corsair 37 - $200,000​... Read More »
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Unique Corsair Trimaran Listing Here

FOR SALE - A well cared for 2006 Corsair 24 MK II.  2006 was the last year this model was produced. This Corsair 24 MK II has always been kept in "fresh water" Great price and in great shape. LEARN MORE >> Now, if you're looking for a new 24' Corsair trimaran check out the 2017 Corsair 760. The Corsair 760 feels and sails like boats twice its size, but it's affordably priced to own & maintain. Corsair's resale value is legendary and will be one of the best new boat investments you can make... Read More »
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Multihulls Rock in R2AK!

Team “PURE & WILD/FREEBURD" WINS the 2017 R2AK !! 4 days, 3 hours, 11 min. Congratulations goes to a trio of brothers from Marblehead this week who took home top honors following a boat race that brought contestants on a more-than-700-mile journey across the Pacific Ocean. Trevor, Chris, and Tripp Burd, who made up Team “PURE & WILD/FREEBURD", were crowned the winners of the 2017 Race to Alaska, or R2AK, on Thursday afternoon, as they arrived in port to a cheering crowd on a custom-built,... Read More »
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PSP Southampton Boat Show - 12-21 September, 2014

DEMO SAIL the DASH 750 MKII trimaran  from Corsair Marine at the PSP Southampton Boat Show! PSP SOUTHAMPTON BOAT SHOW   September 12-21, 2014 Multihull World are taking the Corsair Dash 750 MKII trimaran to this event. This fantastic trimaran is best experienced on the water, which is why we decided to put her into the Try-a-Boat event at PSP Southampton Boat Show.  If you fancy a test sail on this exciting trimaran, please contact us now!  call +44 (0) 1243 377 333 or email Ryan Vick. You can... Read More »
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Team Speedster Sports Some Fun in the Sun!

Race weekends are always rewarding, especially when shared with good competition and Corsair friends and family! Last weekend, Team Speedster participated in the Hospice Avow Marco Island Regatta.  Weather conditions were great and the sailing was fantastic! A special THANKS goes out to Lois Dixon, Corsair Dash 750 owner, who donated many, many hours putting this PERFECT regatta together for us Corsair Trimarans!! 8 races were culmulated in the 2 day event, with Team Speedster taking a 3rd and... Read More »
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BAZINGA!! My Whirlwind Year On My Corsair F-31CC!!

Finish Line gets the GREATEST feedback from their owners!  Just ask Dave Lussier - VERY proud owner of "BAZINGA!", Corsair Trimaran F-31CC. Follow the You Tube link- some great stuff there! So, if you're looking for a new Corsair Trimaran, or a used trimaran for sale, just call, click, or come on by- we'll show you why- you've just got to TRI!!!   Read More »
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Come Meet the Finish Line Crew!!!!

Looking for a New Corsair Trimaran? We've got'em! Looking for a used Corsair Trimaran for sale? Got them, too.... Looking for professional service on your Corsair Trimaran? We specialize in Corsair repairs and after market items! Looking for multihull sailboats information? Our team has got it! Call, click or just come on by, and check us out - let us show you why- you've just got to TRI!!!     Read More »
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New Corsair Trimaran Sailing Manual

Question: When is the long anticipated new sailing manual going to be available? Name: Dana Stoffregen Boat_Type: C28R Answer: Great Question, Dana! There have been so many improvements and additions in the Corsair model line, this new manual is highly anticipated. It will be published in mid-November 2013 covering all of our multihull sailboats, and it will have new photos of the latest models of Corsair trimarans for sale. We will send an email notice to everyone on our mailing list, so... Read More »
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We love our new Dash!

My wife and I received our new Dash a couple weeks ago and are having a blast. Thanks for making such a great boat! Here is a picture of our 3rd adventure in Destin, FL last weekend. We finally agreed on the boat's name, "Amihan", which is the season dominated by the trade winds, which are experienced in the Philippines as a cool northeast wind. Thanks for the great boat, Corsair! Mike and Manette Kirkpatrick Read More »
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The Versatile Corsair DASH 750

This Corsair trimaran is not only built with trailerability, but it also gives owners the lightweight sportboat they want - the Corsair Dash 750 is the best of it’s kind. The transition from trailering to to sailing takes only about 30 minutes - the best in it's class for multihull sailboats. Everything about the Corsair Dash 750 trimaran is designed to get you on the water and across the water quickly, comfortably and affordably.  The main cabin allows for comfortable family cruising. The... Read More »
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Cruising with the Corsair C50 Catamaran

Corsair Marine has years of experience in performance multihull sailboats. Years of development have contributed to the Corsair performance cruising Catamaran. With design and engineering from world renowned Reichel Pugh Yacht Design, the Corsair 50 utilizes the latest materials and building techniques. READ MORE >> View our full gallery for Corsair C50's here. Read More »
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12 More Reasons Why Corsair’s are the Best

Your next big adventure is right around the corner! Our multihull sailboats are known in the industry for the best trailerable catamarans and trimarans. Here are 12 reasons why Corsair’s are the best:  1. Extraordinary speed and effortless acceleration are trademarks of Corsairs. Their ability to fly on a puff or generate their own high-power apparent wind is legendary. Without a lead keel to create drag, and with tangible buoyancy in construction technique and materials, Corsairs are... Read More »
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Finding a Dealer Near You!

Corsair is known globally as the most popular trailerable sailing trimarans since 1985. From the Unites States to Europe, Australia, Asia and South America, our boats are the best in their class. If you are looking for a Corsair trimaran for sale, please find a dealer to discuss your decision. Our dealers can talk to you about multihull sailboats and see which Corsair for sale is best for you! Find a Dealer near you today, and you are one step away from your next big adventure! Feel free to... Read More »
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