Watch for the Pulse 600 at Strictly Sail Miami 2016 Show!


Strictly Sail Miami 2016

Pulse 600

The Pulse 600 is a 20ft folding trimaran from the company that pioneered the genre. This new model has
the same well-engineered structure for folding the 
amas as the original Corsair, as well as a gin pole and
tackle to raise the mast. 
In 20 minutes, one person can get the boat from folded on the trailer to sailing 
across the water. Learn More >>

Steve Marsh
Richard Allen

You don't want to miss seeing the stunningly beautiful, modern 1160 Lite either!

Seawind 1160 Lite
The Seawind 1160 Lite is an evolution of the award winning Seawind 1160. Proven as one of the most
versatile multihulls on the market, the 1160 Lite is 
furnished with a modern interior and is ideal for both
family cruising or single 
handed sailing in all conditions. 
Did you know...the Seawind designs are the original “Open Layout” and the Seawind 1160 LITE offers an
enormous indoor / outdoor saloon and cockpit 
made possible only by Seawind’s famous tri-folding
door system, allowing 
you security and warmth, or open airiness.  Learn More >>
Tommy Smith

UPDATE: Other locations to catch the 1160 Lite
We have proud new owners of a brand new 1160 Lite. They are taking delivery in January, in Miami.
The Lite will be spending the winter in Florida. Come spring, Nick and Linda will be headed North,
and will be showing the Lite at the Annapolis Spring Boat Show 
and later showing the Lite at the
Annapolis Fall Boat Show. Stay tuned for further details! 

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