We have remarkable sailors in our Pulse fleets


Bob Webbon

You know what I’m talking about…these are the men, women, and juniors who are talented in ways that are difficult to express, and they tend to be the leaders who are selfless about helping other sailors get better and build their fleets.

An example is Bob Webbon, who owns Pulse #27 out of Houston, along with Martin Hamilton. Bob is a former class president for the A-Class Catamarans and he competes all over the country. This year he heads up A-Class District 4, and we’re so fortunate to have experience like this in our Pulse 600 owners group.

Bob’s been sailing the Pulse 600 for only a few months, and other skippers in the Houston fleet have been heard to say some smack, “Bob, you’re not getting enough stick time, the Pulse is new, and we’re putting in the time to learn it. We’re gonna take you next weekend!”

What happens? Bob puts the bows down and handily stretches away from the other Pulse 600s…because he can feel things others just can’t quite sense. Does Bob share his secrets? Find out at the October Webinar when he will be sharing his sailing impressions. Does Bob want his fleet to be the best in the world? Sure enough…

What about you? Time to get a fresh One Design fleet jump started where you sail?

It’s a blast, and we’re here to help. Contact me, we will help you find other owners, even shared-ownership programs that can kick start your fleet. It’s a brave new world.


Remarkable Sailors

Richard Allen
US Pulse 600 Fleet Captain



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