Welcome - New Corsair Dealer based in Colorado!

180 Marine specializes in multihull sailboats, Corsair Trimarans, and Seawind Catamarans specifically.

We are based in Denver, Colorado. We service customers all over the country, with a primary focus in the MIdwest, the Great Lakes, Texas, California, and of course Colorado!
We’re excited about the all-new Corsair Pulse 600, a high-performance multihull that’s establishing new rules 
with no regard for compromise, oh yeah...
Corsair Pulse 600

Today we're highlighting the Pulse 600.
This exciting new 20′ trimaran is full of Corsair DNA modernized to meet the latest generation of sailors. This is a really fun boat!

Featuring lightweight carbon reinforced construction, this boat will get your pulse racing in even the lightest of winds. The Pulse 600 is a sports boat that is about pure fun… Designed for conveniently easy rigging and setup so you can quickly launch, unfold the floats and get out on the water. With modern reverse bows and high volume floats, even the most performance oriented sailors have plenty to get hooked on with our smallest addition to the Corsair range.

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About 180 Marine
180 Marine is the fastest growing Corsair Trimaran Dealer in the U.S., owned and operated by Richard Allen and Leslie Gabriel, long time Corsair Trimaran racers, day sailors and cruisers. Few know more than Richard Allen about Corsair Trimarans. Richard is U.S. Fleet Captain and Dealer for the Pulse 600, covering the Western United States. Most Corsair Trimarans and Seawind Catamarans are received and commissioned in Pensacola, Florida, Long Beach, California, Oceanside, California and Oakland, California, then professionally transported, or picked up by each customer for the final sailing destination. 180 Marine is networked, and can help with finding a used Corsair Trimaran when a new Corsair Trimaran just won’t work. We offer innovative and quality products that enhance your sailing experience on any Corsair Trimaran. For instance, many owners like the new Torqeedo…on their Corsair.


We’ve been sailing Corsairs and other trimarans for over 20 years, happy to share our experience.

Direct any questions you may have about Corsair Trimarans or Seawind Catamarans to Richard Allen richard@180marine.com

INFO@180MARINE.COM  // 303.669.6210  //  180marine.com


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