Why KNOT? Human Power Only

While this might not be the fastest and smartest way to get to Port Townsend it's sure to be the craziest! 

SEVENTY48 aka 70 miles in 48 hours.

Rules are simple: no motors, no support, and no wind. That’s right. HUMAN POWER ONLY. Pedal, paddle, or row. We don’t care. It’s up to you.

Race Start: June 11, 2018
Application deadline: April 15, 2018
Gun goes off at 5:30 PM, and teams have 30 minutes to cross the start line. (And PM is not a typo.  We know what it means and so do you.)

Tacoma to Port Townsend
First find Tacoma, Washington. The race starts at the head of Tacoma’s Thea Foss Waterway near the Museum of Glass. Next find Port Townsend. That’s where you hope to end. Only two checkpoints are required: A boat and a bridge. Here’s the route map.

YOU! It’s easy to try hard when no one is watching, but can you make 70 miles moving past the most populated cities in Washington? It’s a front country race, so the challenge isn’t about fighting whirlpools and running from bears. What you’re up against is yourself.
Each team kicks in 100 bucks to the kitty, and it’s winner take all. So that Ho-Ho-eating buddy of yours who just took up kayaking? You’ll want to tell him to sign up.

We’re stripping away the excuses and introducing difficult beyond the daily concept of difficult. What’s it gonna take to get yourself across 70 miles of water?

Time to find out.

The race is over 48 hours after it starts. Teams must ring the bell at City Dock in Port Townsend by 5:30 PM on June 13, 2018. The prize pot will be awarded to the first finisher during the Race to Alaska Pre-Race Ruckus on stage with the band. That’s right. Another party, so stay an extra day and send off the foolhardy ones headed to Ketchikan for R2AK.

Based on the lawless self-reliance of R2AK, we wanted to compress crazy stupid into 48 hours and make it a different kind of hard. Think of it as powerlifting for 48 hours.

“The best intelligence test is what we do with our leisure.”
-Dr. Laurence J. Peter

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