You Don't Need to Be Rich to Do the Trans-Tahoe Race!


Tahoe Yacht Club

Get your groove on at the 15th Annual Harmonic Convergence at Lake Tahoe, Overnight at Emerald Bay Thursday July 9. 15 adds up to 6, Best odds at Craps, Take the bet. Lay 5 times odd's if that's what's offering. No one ever lost at the HC. Only happens one night a year. Same hot dice, same hot roller, could've been 5-1, 4-2, 3-3, Everyone's a winner!. Checked out the opening to Emerald Bay today, still 6 feet deep. Get that centerboard up, stay in the center of the channel.

For launching... Tahoe Keys dredged 5 feet deep this summer. launched 3 Corsairs this last week. Lake Forest launch ( The HC's favorites as have camp sites adjacent) is good, want to walk your boat to the end of the doc before putting motor down. I'm off Weds july 8-10 to help w/ launch campsites etc... 

52nd Annual Trans-Tahoe Race Saturday July 11, first Corsair trimaran to finish gets their name on the perpetual trophy at the Tahoe Yacht Club. Usually a Corsair Class, the first 3 Corsairs trimarans to finish get a trophy. Register early get the discount. 

Ain't this what living is all about? 

Kevin Gammell, Reno, NV 

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Tahoe Yacht Club's sail program is filled with activities for all classes, from novices to "old salts." And for those who are "between boats," there are always plenty of crewing opportunities.

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