2019 Corsair 760 for sale - arrival December 2018

October 10, 2018 Richard Allen

We have ordered a 2019 Corsair 760, due for arrival before the end of 2018.  
Contact Richard Allen if you would like to reserve this one–so that you are sure to have one by the 2019 sailing season. Or if you’d like to schedule a fall demo sail and training session on this boat in Oceanside, California.


Here you can see this Corsair 760 being transported over Berthoud Pass, Colorado to its new owner. This was very easy and stressfree to trailer over the pass!

New roomy and stylish cabin. 
This compact cruising trimaran has been designed to comfortably sleep couples for weekend getaways. With an optional collapsible dining table, it will sleep up to 4, making the Corsair 760 a performance cruiser the whole family can enjoy.

180 Marine is the fastest growing Corsair trimaran and Seawind catamaran Dealer in the United States, owned and operated by Richard Allen and Leslie Gabriel, long-time Corsair trimaran racers, day sailors and adventure cruisers.

Direct any questions you may have about Corsair Trimarans to Richard Allen. richard@180marine.com

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