Colorado TEAM PTARMIGAN enters R2AK

Colorado Team Ptarmigan members: Bo Bohanon, Kelsey Bohanon, Molly McPartland, Jack Gallagher Hometown: Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA Race vessel: F-28 LOA: 28.5′ Human propulsion: Rowing station Connect: instagram Here is a fun read on this team! In the post-Weinstein era it’s easy to jump to conclusions when you see a couple of guys either side of 60 submit an application for a team with two women in their mid-twenties. The time it took us to go from “Eew” to marching in the streets was only... Read More »
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Corsair trimarans are solid!

On Thursday, May 17th John Simonds and Ross were sailing on board their Corsair 28R trimaran north along Queensland's coast towards Cairns. John reported:  "We sailed 65 NM today in 30+ with 2.5m seas downwind. Great boat Corsair :))" "Ross surfing down 3m in 30 knots just under jib :))" _________________________________________________________________________________ At 180 Marinewe live and breathe the details on these boats, let us know how we can help. Direct any questions you may have about... Read More »
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Are you too old to sail?

Of course not! Occasionally we are told by potential customers that they think they are too old to buy a Corsair trimaran. My somewhat trite, tongue in cheek answer is “You are only as old as you think you are”. By this I mean feeling old is more a state of mind than a physical condition. We have sold boats to several people well into their 80s, many of whom are still sailing actively. Take Andy Green for example. Andy and his wife Joyce are an adventurous couple who have sailed extensively... Read More »
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Pre-owned trimarans need some love too!

Why Corsair Trimaran?
  • They’re Fast
  • They’re Safe
  • They’re Exciting
  • They’re Trailerable
  • Versatile, Fun and Stable
  • They deliver speed on a puff of wind
  • Their shallow draft allows you to coast directly up onto any beach
  • There’s lots of space for family & crew on the large trampolines
  • The wide beams provide a flat stable platform under sail
  • It’s a great base for family fun when at anchor
  • It’s quick and easy from trailer to sailor
Here are some fine pre-owned Corsair trimaran listings! 2012 Corsair 37 - $200,000​... Read More »
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New Question - Towing Weight

I have an interest but I need to know the towing weight. I understand it can very with different trailers and equipment but you must know what a the towing weight is on a base boat. Thank you. Name: Howard paul Boat_Type: Aft cockpit 28 Subject: Towing Weight Read More »
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Corsair European Multihull Championship: Racing summary

For the trimarans the race began with the gathering of all boats at Marina Sant Andrea on wednesday, 4th may. In the evening we held the welcome party at the Marina Restaurant “Ma.ri”. The party was attended by all crews and nearly all Sponsors: Zam Bevan-Corsair Marine, Andreas Hofmaier-SAYG, Richard Mueller-Erwin Sattler and the Marina Staff from Marina Sant Andrea. For Thursday a short feeder race from Marina Sant Andrea Harbor entrance (called Porto Buso) to Caorle, the start of the race... Read More »
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New question on a C28

Dear Sirs, On a C28 I saw a block and tackle used to tension the shrouds. Do you have any hints what kind of loads this system has to cope with on a Dash? Additionally I think of adding a second pair of shrouds very near to genoa outlet to compensate mast bending to leeward when in higher winds (>10kn). Warm regards from germany. Felix. Name: Felix Boat_Type: Dash 750 '09 Subject: apply shroud-tensioning mechanism like i have seen on C28 Read More »
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Family takes delivery of a new C28 trimaran in San Francisco

Stacy and Frank Ferree have just taken delivery of a new C28 trimaran. The 28 has had a face lift with a number of improvements. Incorporating Colligo standing rigging, more storage in saloon area and a clean painted surface easy adjustable pop top, and improved floats. Gary Helms did the hand over and has reported back that the improvements are fantastic and the new owners are very happy. From all at Corsair thank you , and smooth sailing Ferree family. SEE MORE IMAGES >> Read More »
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Corsair 28RS Mano Express Neptune Regatta 2014

  Movie from team Manao Express a trimaran Corsair 28; video shot during the Neptune Regatta 2014. Info on the race: 2014 Neptune Regatta 4th edition has been organized from Feb 2nd to 8th, 2014. The Neptune Regatta takes place in Indonesian waters, starting and returning to Nongsa Point Marina which located on Batam Island nearby Singapore. The regatta combines a series of windward/leeward and passage races, depending on class, with the "Race to Zero" being a race through the Riau Islands in... Read More »
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Cracking sound in the mast of my C28

Question: Hello Corsair Team, I got a pretty annoying and loud cracking sound within the mast of my C28, when I am sailing with more wind or even, when I just push firmly horizontally at the lower end of the mast. It seems that the sound is coming from somewhere from within in breast height although this is difficult to determine exactly. I already detached the boom and lossened all halyards in order to exclude that it was coming from a misleaded halyard under tension... without any result. The... Read More »
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Corsair C28 CE will take you anywhere you sail (or race) in style and comfort

Corsair 28CE – Centre Cockpit Cruiser Economy  Just as with the Corsair 28CR, the 28CE provides a range of waterborne recreation and adventure possibilities unequaled by other sailboat brands. The Corsair 28CE represents a unique and unbeatable combination of comfort, performance and ease of handling. This model is definitely in a class of its own that will take you anywhere you sail (or race) in style and comfort. Unlike the 28CR, the 28CE does not include an enclosed head and pump out station.... Read More »
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30 Year Timeline of Corsair Marine

1984 - Corsair Marine was established through a partnership between John Walton (son of Sam Walton, Founder of Wal Mart) who offered to finance the production of the uniquely designed F boat and Ian Farrier, the designer who patented and built the original prototype in Australia back in 1974. With the production facility located in San Diego, California together they produced and marketed the world's first trailerable and very fast, trimarans. This initial partnership thus set the stage for a... Read More »
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Summer Sailstice, WCM Style!

The Summer Sailstice is almost here! Get ready for the fun! Join in on the fun with "The Summer Sailstice" on June 21st! It is now a world-wide event that celebrates all we love about sailing! Join West Coast Multihull at our new Sunroad Marina location for a party, if you can't be on your own boat that evening, or are between boats, or a boat short... We can help you with that, too. Hope to see you there! More info here >> We encourage non-Corsair owners to join us too and help crew the boats,... Read More »
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The Corsair Dash arrives 'Down Under' - Qld

The 24' Corsair Dash MKII trimaran sits proudly alongside her SEAWIND catamaran cousin during the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show in Queensland, Australia. The Dash's arrival to the southern hemisphere means passionate sailors hanging out south of the equator have a new and exciting opportunity to explore Antipodean waters aboard this fantastic Corsair boat. What you get?  You get speed, affordability, comfort, style and tons of multi-purpose options.  It's a catamaran design that's absolutely perfect... Read More »
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Corsair Trimaran beating to windward

Fun upwind and downwind with an Corsair F-28R at the 2009 Ft. Walton Beach Nationals. It was blowing 15 to 20 knots and the camera boat couldn't keep up with the tris! We just love the Caribbean music in this video too!  We would love to hear from you! Post your own video here! Share Your Story >>     Posted by Bob Selwyn, May 7, 2009.   Read More »
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2014 Neptune Regatta Recap!

Another fantastic year at the 2014 Neptune Regatta in Asia! Congratulations to Richard and Jean Proust and a lucky Scott McCook. The leading Racing Multihulls were tied on points coming into the final showdown. The expected battle between Scott McCook's Grainger 30 RAW and Richard Eyre's Corsair C37 Zhuka, fell by the wayside as Zhuka's centerboard was broken after hitting the reef last night. This left the door open for McCook's RAW to capitalize, notching up two wins and race away with the... Read More »
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Lifting my C28

Question: Can my Corsair C28CR be safely lifted using the lifting eye bolts with the mast raised? Name: Martin Lawrence Boat_Type: C28CR Answer: Hi Martin, Yes, you can lift the boat with the lifting U bolts, whether the mast is up in position or laying on deck. You should be mindful that the lifting slings do not interfere with the cap shrouds or diamond wires on mast. To avoid this from happening, you will need to use a spreader bar. When lifting, take care as the center of weight will have... Read More »
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Tuning a Corsair 28

  There are two areas that should be tuned if you are interested in racing.  The first is the rig.  The rotating mast boats are much easier to tune than the fixed masts on either the 27 or the 31.  The first thing I would do is check the diamond wires to be sure that the mast is straight and there is enough tension to prevent inversion.  With a Loos tension guage I would set the tension at 1800lbs or maybe 2000lbs.  The second setting to check is the mast rake.  Mast rake is dictated by the... Read More »
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Corsair Trimarans Featured at Texas Wurstfest Regatta

Corsair Trimarans will be racing this weekend November 8-10 at Lake Canyon Yacht Club’shistoric Wurstfest Regatta. Canyon Lake, just north of New Braunfels, TX is known for its clear water, fed by the Guadalupe River. Currently entered are Corsair Sprint 750s, 28Rs, and 31s.  In Texas, the Wurstfest Regatta marks the end of the yearly racing scene. Richard Clary from Texas’ Corsair Dealer, La Vida Starships, will be sailing on a 28R. The current weather forecast is for beautiful Fall conditions.... Read More »
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Learn About the World's Pirate Hotspots 2013

Whether you're a large cargo vessel or a small trimaran sailboat, you have to be extremely aware of the growing number of pirate attacks around the world. While planning your next sailing adventure on your Corsair 28, Corsair 37, or the new Corsair Cruze 970, you will want to avoid the waters off of the following locations and keep your eye out for pirate activity:
  • Indonesia
  • Somalia
  • Nigeria
  • Gulf of Aden
  • India
  • Red Sea
  • Bangladesh
  • Ivory Coast
  • Peru
  • Singapore Straits
Another hotbed for pirate activity is in... Read More »
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