Corsair 37 - The "Performance Trimaran" for serious sailors

The previous model Corsair 37 CR and other variants will be replaced with a trimaran designed to balance the needs of cruising and racing and having only 2 variants:  The Corsair 37 for cruising, and the Corsair 37RS which will be the carbon "race" version. The new 37 will appeal to families and couples alike.  Easy to sail and stable, the new model sports a radically upgraded interior in contemporary style which we can now share with you in the images below. Successful and reliable design... Read More »
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Pre-owned trimarans need some love too!

Why Corsair Trimaran?
  • They’re Fast
  • They’re Safe
  • They’re Exciting
  • They’re Trailerable
  • Versatile, Fun and Stable
  • They deliver speed on a puff of wind
  • Their shallow draft allows you to coast directly up onto any beach
  • There’s lots of space for family & crew on the large trampolines
  • The wide beams provide a flat stable platform under sail
  • It’s a great base for family fun when at anchor
  • It’s quick and easy from trailer to sailor
Here are some fine pre-owned Corsair trimaran listings! 2012 Corsair 37 - $200,000​... Read More »
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Corsair European Multihull Championship: Racing summary

For the trimarans the race began with the gathering of all boats at Marina Sant Andrea on wednesday, 4th may. In the evening we held the welcome party at the Marina Restaurant “Ma.ri”. The party was attended by all crews and nearly all Sponsors: Zam Bevan-Corsair Marine, Andreas Hofmaier-SAYG, Richard Mueller-Erwin Sattler and the Marina Staff from Marina Sant Andrea. For Thursday a short feeder race from Marina Sant Andrea Harbor entrance (called Porto Buso) to Caorle, the start of the race... Read More »
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The Corsair 37s are fantastic boats!

  The 37RS Carbon Offshore Cruiser Racer is the most technologically advanced Corsair trimaran yet. This boat features a full carbon fiber build, the Corsair 37RS' lightweight construction and high strength realizes the boat's potential.  The Corsair 37CR offers all the comforts of a cruising monohull and the flat sailing of a big catamaran  It also has the speed, safety, and unsinkability of a Corsair Trimaran.  The Corsair 37CR features a shallow draft with retractable dagger board and... Read More »
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A Brand New C37 Is Shipped Out!

Congratulations to the new owners of a brand new C37! The latest production C37 was shipped from the Corsair Marine facility in Ho Chi Minh just a couple of days ago and is destined for the East Coast of North America to be commissioned by dealer Bob Gleason of The Multihull Source. Above image: New starboard mid ship area with large storage locker and new interior trim! The C37 is an absolutely magnificent boat, retaining all the key features you would expect from the smaller boats in our range... Read More »
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Sad Day for "Transit of Venus" Corsair 37

Today I spoke with Corsair 37 owner Rick Waltonsmith for an update on plans following the Pacific Cup: “So this is not good news to share about Transit of Venus. My Corsair 37, the first multihull to complete the Pacific Cup, is a loss. The trimaran hit an unknown object in the middle of the night, at about 10 knots, while returning from Hawaii to Oakland after this race. The crew was rescued, Captain Marc Gounard, crew Arnie Thompson and Tom McCauley are now safe aboard a cargo ship that's... Read More »
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Follow up to "the fun race to Hawaii" the Pacific Cup

Skipper Rick Waltonsmith and crew finished July 23rd at 10:53 on their C-37 Transit of Venus. Congratulations guys! Trophies Awarded for the 2014 Pacific Cup Kaneohe, Hawaii, July 27, 2014 – The Friday night awards ceremony and party at Kaneohe Yacht Club (KYC) featured not only trophies for racing performance but also a number of special awards to recognize participation and contributions to the Pacific Cup.   Each of the boats in this year’s first-ever Holo Holo cruising division received an... Read More »
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C-37 Transit of Venus in the Pacific Cup!

Be sure to check the Pacific Cup Race tracker to follow along with the race of a lifetime for the Corsair trimaran 37 "Transit of Venus"!   TRACK NOW >> Skipper Rick Waltonsmith and crew have successfully navigated the first few days of the race to launch themselves into a great position overall so far. Their southerly track is more often than not the favored track on the way to Hawaii and the weather forecast confirms lighter wind further north on the course.   READ MORE >>   Read More »
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Corsair 28RS Mano Express Neptune Regatta 2014

  Movie from team Manao Express a trimaran Corsair 28; video shot during the Neptune Regatta 2014. Info on the race: 2014 Neptune Regatta 4th edition has been organized from Feb 2nd to 8th, 2014. The Neptune Regatta takes place in Indonesian waters, starting and returning to Nongsa Point Marina which located on Batam Island nearby Singapore. The regatta combines a series of windward/leeward and passage races, depending on class, with the "Race to Zero" being a race through the Riau Islands in... Read More »
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30 Year Timeline of Corsair Marine

1984 - Corsair Marine was established through a partnership between John Walton (son of Sam Walton, Founder of Wal Mart) who offered to finance the production of the uniquely designed F boat and Ian Farrier, the designer who patented and built the original prototype in Australia back in 1974. With the production facility located in San Diego, California together they produced and marketed the world's first trailerable and very fast, trimarans. This initial partnership thus set the stage for a... Read More »
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Introducing the amazing Corsair Cruze 970

Check out the new promo video for the Corsair trimaran Cruze 970! Click here to watch video on YouTube >>The new Corsair Cruze 970 is an evolution of the C31 popular design but with greater comfort and amenities similar to that found on the larger C37.  The 970 is also slightly longer than the C31 and the deck has been raised creating approximately 15 percent additional inside space.  Most importantly, there is full standing headroom in the saloon area. Not only is it a beautiful trimaran, it's... Read More »
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The Corsair Dash arrives 'Down Under' - Qld

The 24' Corsair Dash MKII trimaran sits proudly alongside her SEAWIND catamaran cousin during the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show in Queensland, Australia. The Dash's arrival to the southern hemisphere means passionate sailors hanging out south of the equator have a new and exciting opportunity to explore Antipodean waters aboard this fantastic Corsair boat. What you get?  You get speed, affordability, comfort, style and tons of multi-purpose options.  It's a catamaran design that's absolutely perfect... Read More »
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PACIFIC Cup Race Starts July 6th!

Known as "The Fun Race to Hawaii", NO MULTIHULL HAS EVER COMPLETED THE PACIFIC CUP, but these guys are going to try! If Transit of Venus is successful, it will be a first….  With luck, in a couple months we will be able to announce:  “A Corsair is the first multihull ever to finish this 2000nm race”. San Francisco based Corsair 37 “Transit of Venus” is attempting to be the first multihull (ever) to finish the Pacific Cup Race from San Francisco to Hawaii this July. Owner Rick Waltonsmith... Read More »
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Four guys and a C37 - Los Angeles to Hawaii

'Transit of Venus' (a C37) and her Corsair crew of 4 will set off across the pacific ocean this summer in the infamous 'Transpac' Race from Los Angeles to Honolulu, Hawaii. The first 'Transpacific Race' took place in 1906 and took 12 days to complete.  It has since become one of the premier international sailing events and attracts entrants from all over the world.  The race is organized by the Transpacific Yacht Club and is famous for fast downwind sailing under spinnaker in the trade winds.... Read More »
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2014 Neptune Regatta Recap!

Another fantastic year at the 2014 Neptune Regatta in Asia! Congratulations to Richard and Jean Proust and a lucky Scott McCook. The leading Racing Multihulls were tied on points coming into the final showdown. The expected battle between Scott McCook's Grainger 30 RAW and Richard Eyre's Corsair C37 Zhuka, fell by the wayside as Zhuka's centerboard was broken after hitting the reef last night. This left the door open for McCook's RAW to capitalize, notching up two wins and race away with the... Read More »
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Bermuda to St Martin, and everything in between

This is a picture of me on my Corsair Carbon C37 on the annual southen passage I sail between Bermuda and St Martin. I love sailing this route and just thought I would share this memory with you all! I personally have sailed and owned just about every model produced by Corsair over the years and can't imagine owning any other kind of boat. This C37 was customized and set up for single handed, with halyards running back to cockpit - just amazing! Thanks again for the best memories with your sail... Read More »
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12 More Reasons Why Corsair’s are the Best

Your next big adventure is right around the corner! Our multihull sailboats are known in the industry for the best trailerable catamarans and trimarans. Here are 12 reasons why Corsair’s are the best:  1. Extraordinary speed and effortless acceleration are trademarks of Corsairs. Their ability to fly on a puff or generate their own high-power apparent wind is legendary. Without a lead keel to create drag, and with tangible buoyancy in construction technique and materials, Corsairs are... Read More »
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