Corsair 760 trimaran test sail review

In mid-March 2017 not one, but two of Corsair's newest 24’ trimarans, the Corsair 760 hulls 1 and 2 were launched within hours of each other each was sailed on opposite sides of the world.

This enabled both boats to be simultaneously sailed and tested in very different conditions. One, tested by our brave colleagues in Germany who have been waiting for the ice to melt all winter, finally was able to throw on their dry suits and brave the icy conditions in winds in the upper 20’s with gusts of up to 38kts. The performance experienced by the sailors in these conditions did not disappoint. Great helm balance and efficient laminar flow produced by large volume low rocker floats gave the Corsair 760 an advantage over her predecessor the Corsair Dash and Corsair Sprint 750.

While all this was going on in the waters off northern Germany, the other team was experiencing very different conditions. In the tropical waters off Nha Trang bay, with just 3-8kts of wind, they sailed between the islands with nothing but sunshine all weekend.

The Corsair 760 is a beautiful design and quality finish. There has been a huge advancement for Corsair in comparison to earlier models. Features like the carbon fiber rudder case, low profile beams, and spacious, high-end interior witch give this boat a feeling of space, comfort, and quality you would expect from the much larger competition.

The Corsair 760 has incredible stability with the new platform. Not only under sail does the Corsair 760 have less heel but she also sails with incredible fore-aft stability. When compared to how some other trimarans perform it's amazing at this incredibly smooth stability. So much so that people were easily walking around the boat without any need for handholds or support. This increased stability is noticed at anchor where she offers a large entertaining area without any of that horrible rocking and rolling we are all too familiar with on monohulls of this size. The light and airy interior provided safe refuge from the sun and the foredeck hatch + large open pop-top allowed ample airflow through the cabin, creating a comfortable area to relax when escaping the elements.

The new Corsair 760 is truly impressive and is bound to turn heads on and off the water. The concept of a compact trailerable weekender for young family’s and couples looking for an easy to manage trailer sailor has been successfully achieved with this new sleek trailerable trimaran from Corsair Marine.


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