Tips to unlock speed on smaller Corsair trimarans

October 3, 2018 Richard Allen

Pulse 600 - Main Sail Tip
In this image, you 'll see the main has a full hoist. Note that the sail is way higher than the boom at full hoist. We just pull it down with the downhaul and tie a piece of spectra around the mast to hold it forward for resistance on the outhaul. Using the ring on the boom junction is just for ease of roller furling, but you need a full hoist to full stretch and flatten the sail. Aluminum cleat shown is not plastic.

Pulse 600 - Spinnaker Tip
The spinnaker is shown with a clean rigging setup, blue bag attaches to the port beam, stuff the spinnaker in there, or in the cabin. Note the tapered sheets, dyneema core with cover stripped off the last 4-6 feet so the chute can fly easier in light air, but you still need the cover to pass through the blocks or you won’t have any clutch action resistance it ’s too hard to hold in a heavy breeze.

Pulse 600 - Big Group Tip
Taking 5 crew out at once to practice spinnaker work for monohull sailors. Still sailing 4 knots in 6 knots of breeze with a heavy crew and flat water. Be sure to leave the tack line out so the spinnaker flies about 12-18 inches off the bowsprit. That helps get the boat planing, rarely do we pull it down to the bowsprit...only to try to go upwind with the chute up to reach a mark so it works more like a flat gennaker than a chute.

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