How Colorado Corsair 760 demos on Lake Granby will help you.

When you see a Corsair 760 trimaran first hand, you'll quickly see the high-quality construction Corsair's offer. 

Did you know...Multihull World Magazine named the Corsair 760 Boat of the Year for boats under 40 feet?

The beams are the same style as the Corsair Pulse 600 and better at deflecting water on these new Corsair models.

Fourth of July, 2018 / Lake Granby, Colorado

What a great holiday to get out on the water and experience a Corsair 760! Lake Granby is a perfect destination to test sail the Corsair 760 and really get a feel for the boat, with light winds in the morning and bigger winds in the afternoon. The Corsair 760 is incredibly easy to sail even single-handed. All sail controls lead back to the cockpit. 

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The Corsair 760 trimaran is great for any family who loves to get out on the water. You can bring aboard up to eight people and sail comfortably. This compact cruising trimaran has been designed to comfortably sleep 2 adults and a couple of small kids for a weekend getaway. The comfort, performance and safety is better than previous Corsair trimaran designs.

You'll find Richard Allen incredibly knowledgable about these unique trimarans,, most of his customers like to call him their "Certified Boat Therapist". He has over 20+ years sailing and racing all Corsair models. His knowledge about the Corsair trimarans is extensive. In the image above Richard demonstrates how beams attach to the rear port beam. In the image below Richard is attaching the front port beam.

Richard demonstrates how the boom attaches to the traveler.

Richard demonstrates how to fold the floats in, on the water, getting the Corsair 760 trimaran ready to pull out of the water.

Demonstration on how to raise and lower the mast on the Corsair trimaran 760. Unfold in under 25 minutes, launch and rig in as little as 25. The setup is simple and can be done by yourself. Also, de-rigging and loading onto the trailer can be done in the same time with Corsairs simple mast lowering system. Easy to trailer, easy to sail, and easy to store.

After spending a couple hours with the Corsair 760 trimaran you might start to appreciate all it has to offer! So, why not take a road trip out to Colorado and come see the Corsair 760 first hand.

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We may have this Corsair 760 trimaran in the Dillon Open, Dillon, Colorado on August 3-5, 2018.
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